(Fall 2016 in Review) Izetta: The Last Witch

I want to start this one off by saying, I think I’m finding some of the flaws of 12-episode anime series like this one.  The more I watch, the more I notice that only a small amount of characters get fleshed out completely.  There are exceptions, like Mob Psycho 100 or maybe Yuri on Ice, but most rely on one cliché or another for the rest of the cast.  I’m just saying this because Izetta and Archduchess Fine are the only characters that get any development, because they are only ones that have major stakes.  Fine is the leader of the country and must make decisions for her country and Izetta is the witch that fights for Fine by constantly putting her life on the line against entire armies.  Berkman might count as well, but we always knew that he was slimy.  There isn’t that much change there.

Izetta is from one of the people behind Code Geass and you can tell easily.  The comparisons could be made starting with the first episode.  One of the main characters, Fine, is trapped by the enemy and is saved by a witch in a capsule.  Not to mention that this entire show is a larger empire, Germania, invading and oppressing a smaller country, Eylstadt.  This is an anime that is an alternate take on World War 2 with a Nazi Germany that has unlimited resources and magic is real.

The best thing that Izetta has going for it is the spectacle and visual effects.  Starting off, the battle scenes are phenomenally accurate.  The World War One trench warfare vs World War Two rush in and kill tactics were amazing to see on the screen.  I liked all the period accurate weapons, uniforms, tanks, and clothing in general.  It was all great.  This is before inserting Izetta of course.  Izetta flying around with torpedoes around her to sink a ship, spears to cut through enemy planes and tanks, or the blood magic she used in the first couple of episodes.  The final battle was great as well with tanks flying around and even some use of the Eiffel Tower.  It was a lot of fun.

Izetta: The Last Witch is like an elevated Michael Bay product of an anime.  There were a lot of unnecessary fan service moments that lowered the ranking of this show for me.  Most of them took place in the middle of the series where the pace has slowed down, but there were a lot of unnecessary and lingering shots of Izetta during action scenes that took so much away from the impact.  In the end, this felt like another anime aimed at getting fans another waifu then anything else.  The yuri bait and fanservice were just plain bad. If this show stayed consistent throughout it’s run in terms of story and pacing or cared more about its characters more, then I would recommend Izetta.  Otherwise, it’s only good for the spectacle and historically accurate stuff.

6 thoughts on “(Fall 2016 in Review) Izetta: The Last Witch

  1. Here, here. I’ve got to agree that Izetta had one of the lamest supporting casts I’ve seen in a long time. Outside of the main duo, everybody was so damn forgettable, haha. I think you’re right in that the period appeal and war sequences are where Izetta’s strengths were but so much of the show is spent tarnishing that appeal that there’s hardly anything left by the end. Don’t give up on 12-episode shows just yet! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. A lot of reviews are over looking Sieg. I thought he is the more interesting character out of the secondary cast. Having him killed off like that was pretty cheap.

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