My Top 5 Guns in Anime

If there is one thing that anime does right, which there are a lot of things, it’s weaponry.  Anime and manga just this way of adding extra flare to things that make them cooler than any other form of media.  Is that a sword that you see or is that ten thousand swords?  Is that sword a person most of the time? What about having the ability to purify bad spirits?  Maybe its blade is reversed? Lastly, maybe it have the ability to fire gold beams at people?  If it doesn’t have any of those capabilities, then it’s completely average and not worthy of note.  This works for guns in the same way.  If it’s just a gun that normal people hold and it feels metal rounds like any other gun in the universe, it’s completely boring.  If it does anything on the list that I am about to make, then it’s the coolest thing ever.  So here is an unordered list of my top guns that I like in anime.  The only rule I have here is that there is only one gun per series.  Otherwise, this would be completely unfair.

The Donimator from Psycho Pass


You can’t have a cool gun list without the Dominator.  You just can’t.  The dominator is a special gun on this list because it actually carries the ideas behind the series with it.  I mean, yes, it transforms and shoots a laser beam that will either stun people or make them explode into a bubbly mess.  That’s all true.  At the same time, without the Sibyl system’s support behind it, the Dominator is as useful as a paper weight.

In the future, Japan attempts to form a perfect society by employing a wide use of the Sibyl system.  This system measures the average Psycho Pass or crime coefficient of individual people to see how likely they are to commit a crime.  Insert your basic sci-fi dystopian concept here.  The dominator is what expresses the will of the Sibyl system onto its people.  So yes, a lot of cool concepts go behind the wielding of the dominator and that’s why it deserves to be here.

Beam Magnum from Gundam Unicorn


As a direct opposite of the last one because the Beam Magnum is full of awesome.  The Beam Magnum is a weapon that only a Gundam can carry, because no other mobile suit can handle the stress produced by this thing.  It’s as powerful as a spaceship’s main cannon put into a smaller package.  The noise it makes when it fires is just heaven to my ears.  (Despite the fact that nothing is suppose to make a sound in pure space, but whatever).  But yes,  this gun’s shot can barely graze an enemy mobile suit, then destroy it anyway.  It’s just so cool guys.  *insert fanboying about gundam here*

Shell Caster from Outlaw Star


This is Gene Starwind’s main weapon from Outlaw Star and it’s pretty awesome.  It’s a gun that fires magic bullets or cartridges.  Each cartridge has a special number and you can imagine that each of them does something special and different.  They are also extremely rare to find.  Once a round type is gone, it’s virtually impossible to find another one.  Also, as Uncle said in Jackie Chan Adventures, only magic can fight magic.  These rounds can only be blocked by Tao Magic.

The Jackal from Hellsing


After a battle with Alexander Anderson which didn’t go his way as much as usual, Alucard requested this beast of a pistol.  Known as the Hellsing ARMS 13 mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol, the Jackal was born.  Only somebody like Alucard, who is an immortal and invincible master vampire, can handle it.  The caliber about it fires is extremely close to being used in the Gatling guns of fighter planes.  It’s that insane.  I should also mention that the rounds are “Marvell’s Chemical Cartridge N.N.A.9 with the rounds jacketed with a casing of blessed Macedonian silver and has an explosive tip that contains a charge of pre-blessed mercury.  So yes, stay away from immortal vampires who carry weapons like this.  It’s for your own good.

Nicholas D Wolfwood’s Punisher from Trigun


Okay, this is a rule breaking one because it’s technically a whole bunch of guns put into one object but whatever.  Wolfwood’s Punisher has two machine guns in the front, a rocket launcher in the back, and eight Grader 2043 pistols on the sides.  It’s a symbol of Wolfwood’s double sidedness.


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