(Fall 2016 in Review) Drifters

Drifters is the most entertaining series that I watched this season.  Yes, it is a dark fantasy series that has a lot of references to Hitler in it and different species of humanoids are thrown into concentration camps in order to wipe them out, and Jesus may or may not be the main bad guy.  Yes, there are dark moments with a lot of chaos, horrible death scenes, and lots of blood, but I can’t take it seriously at all.  I think the main reason is because the comedy didn’t fit any of these scenes.  The heroes just save the dwarves from a horrible fate and they look way too skinny and horrible, better add a comedic scene of them eating.  Elves show some skill with bows and arrows after not using them for a long time, better add a scene of one of the main characters shooting better than them in a comedic manner.  Also, let’s talk about the only female’s character boobs all the time for no reason at all.  This show seems to care more about spectacle than anything else and I’m on board with that.

Our story begins when our main character, Shimazu Toyohisa, barely survives a battle and as he is bleeding to death, is sent to a fantasy world of oppressed elves and dwarves.  Somehow, he meets up with Nobunaga Oda and Yoichi Nasu who are also from Japan.  Google their names if you want to know more about them.  Toyohisa recovers in their castle, discovers that they are called Drifters, and decides to save the elves.  This is where the story takes off into a predictable, but fun path.  At some point, more Drifters enter the scene, and Ends, who are similar to drifters but rely more on magic, with the black king enter the frey.  It’s not that complicated of a story.  The fight scenes are fantastic, the art is amazing, and the spectacle is great.  Also, the characters go away from their “I’m from a history book” motifs and develop in their own ways.  These aspects are why I liked Drifters.  I like my gory action from time to time too, okay?

Pushing people from different periods of time together so they can fight is fun to watch.  It’s more fun for me because it’s not as convoluted as Fate franchise wants it to be.  It feels like the creator behind this went “yeah, I’ll just throw the random characters I hit on my dart board of historical figures into a fantasy land together so they can fight”.  Works for me.  (This isn’t a dig against the Fate franchise because I love fate/zero.)  I just wish that I can figure out what tone Drifters was going for because it doesn’t have anything concrete going on in that department.  If it wants to be a dark fantasy series, let it be a dark fantasy series.  If it wants to be silly show, let it be a silly show.  Not many series can be both of these at once and Drifters is not an exception to this.  I’m still looking forward to announced season two though.  I just hope Drifters knows what it wants to be by then.

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