Unorganized list of the Great Parents of 2016

If there is a single thing that 2016 anime did great, which there is in fact a lot of things, it’s the parents.  There are a lot of good anime parents this year.  You would think that this would be something of little to no consequence.  That’s not the case.  Parents barely appear in most anime.  They might be dead or never appear on screen to begin with, so there is usually no time really think about them.  It’s just so weird to think that people who give their kids and unlikely protagonists the values that they live their life to never appear on screen.  I’m glad to see this slowly becoming more of a thing.  I bet that it’s the success of Wolf Children, a great film, that started it and I am glad that it did if it’s the case.  If the trend started by happenstance, then that’s okay too.  Now with the introduction out of the way, let’s look back at some of them.  Feel free to add some that I forgot in the comments below.

Sachiko Fujinuma: Erased


It’s hard to talk about great anime parents without her.  She is without a doubt the trend setter of this year and she is fantastic.  Probably the best character of the entire show.  There is a very important reason for this, her love and compassion for Satoru.  Even when Satoru was twenty-nine years old and just a pizza delivery boy, she cared about his wellbeing.  She stopped by his apartment to make sure he was alright.  Her compassion for Kayo in an alternate time line says even more about her character.  Especially when Sachiko stood up to Kayo’s bad mom.  Her capacity of affection is stronger than anything else in that entire anime’s world.

Inko Midoriya: My Hero Academia


Looking back at some of the flash backs, you would think that she is a bad parent that only came around recently.  I don’t think this is the case at all.  When she found out that Deku had no quirks and couldn’t accomplish his dream, I think she became stressed as well.  If you could compare her from the past to her in the current time line, she’s gotten a lot fatter.  I think she was so worried about her son that she stressed ate a lot.  This all holds together for me because when Deku did get his dream, she was his number one fan.  She made Deku’s costume and always shows support whenever she can.  That’s a sign of a great parent to me.

Mom and Dad Kuramoto: Flying Witch


Okay, I admit that these two aren’t as special as the other two, but they are special because they are a happy couple.  How rare is it to have an actual married couple together in an anime?  That’s beyond rare.  Like, you definitely want to get a holographic card for this one because it’s going to be worth a lot of money.  Joking aside, these parents are so much fun.  The mom is the only one with a name, Nana, and is a professional illustrator for children’s books.  We never learn too much about the dad besides he has a strong accent and knows about farmer.  These two are incredible because they allow crazy things like Witchcraft and free loaders to hang around their house without even thinking twice.  Good parents are so rare.

Kohei Inuzuka: Sweetness and Lightning


He is yet another obvious choice.  Kohei Inuzuka is a recent widower and parent to his three-year-old daughter, Tsumugi.  He is a teacher as well and does his best to balancing his work life with raising his daughter.  Sweetness and Lightning is a cooking show and cooking is the best way Kohei shows connect to Tsumugi.  Some dishes bring up memories of his wife/her mom and some dishes are just for pure fun.  Watching Tsumugi growing up is a great, but watching Kohei change to fit Tsumugi’s needs is even better for me.

Hiroko and Toshiya Katsuki: Yuri on Ice


I wasn’t sure what to put as my last entry, so here is something that deserves a little attention.  Hiroko and Toshiya Katsuki.  Little is known about them besides owning a spa hotel in Japan, but they are incredibly loving parents.  Whatever Yuri wants to do, they support his every decision.  They are constantly seen on screen watching every single Yuri performance.  I just wish we knew more about them.  They seem like such interesting people.


  1. I think it’s important that this trend continues. Anime has always been about the coming of age story, where parents simply get in the way of the child realizing the lessons on their own, but there are good stories to be told where parents are involved as well. A parent’s influence is something people have to deal with a lot more often than giant aliens from outer space.

    PS: That coffee mug is amazing. I have a new target for my collection.

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    1. Agreed and think of all the awesome parent and protagonist team up action scenes that could be made. There is so much potential here that needs to be tapped.

      It is a good one isn’t it?

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  2. I agree with all of these choices, the year of 2016 had some pretty good parents. While I would put Kuramotos into one of my favourite depictions of parents in anime.. Sachiko Fujinuma, while Erased wasn’t in my top series of last year, still made an impact that I didn’t see too often in anime. The parent had some of the best scenes in an anime where the protagonist is the child. Its weird because one of the most heartbreaking scenes of reality was in the series Amaama to Inazuma last year when we see Kohei in his moments when he isn’t eating food. All of these choices remind me of some surprisingly good moments in their shows and that doesn’t happen too often when the parent is such a memorable character apart from their child. Just good depictions of parents all year round and I couldn’t be happier.

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