(Short Post) This year of sequels concerns me


The first post that I ever put on this blog site is going to be one year old as of Friday 13th.  This means that I’ve been blogging almost for a year.  Originally, I was going only put one big blog post on that day, but I changed my plans.  There is going to be at least three posts about this year about what I did in the past and what I plan on doing in the future next week.  I hope this turns out to be somewhat fun, but you never know.  Who knows what the future holds even unto tomorrow.

Actual Post:

I think you guys know why this posts exists.  2017 is a year that seems to be more sequels based then anything else.  Long awaited sequels that we waited for AND didn’t want are going to appear.  Attack on Titan’s season two is going to air, Code Geass season three is going to exist for some reason, Berserk is going back again, My Hero Academia is going back, Fullmetal Panic is going to return, Blue Exorcist is airing this season along with Rakugo, Legend of the Galactic Heroes is going to be remade, and many other series that I haven’t named are coming.  I am looking forward to a lot of these, but there doesn’t seem to be any hype around anything else that isn’t a sequel.

I hope that this we get some good, new material this year as well.  Material that is exciting, refreshing, meaningful, and provides more diversity this year.  If this balance is somehow reached, this will be an incredible year.  If it doesn’t, I can’t stop myself from being disappointed by it a little bit.  I know that I am looking forward too far and my brain is turning and grinding too fast on this, but this is how my mind works.  I like to think of all the possibilities that can go wrong and work out how to avoid them.  I know I can’t do that because everything is beyond my control, but it doesn’t stop me from being concerned about it.  Like everybody else, I will have to see how this year turns out.  Hopefully it turns out good.  If not, there are going to be some good shows anyway so it’s not going to be a complete dud.  Hopefully.

4 thoughts on “(Short Post) This year of sequels concerns me

  1. Congratulations on the one year (or almost one year). Yeah, there are a lot of sequels and while it is great to see some titles return or continue it will be really great to have something new to be excited about.


  2. While a lot of shows are sequels, some are subsequent seasons of stories that people have been waiting for, like Gintama this season and Attack on Titan in Spring. Whatever your opinions are about that, I think this is a trend that you won’t see going away soon.

    I discussed with Krystallina in one of my reviews, I think Soul Eater, about anime production schedules and how they can conflict with concurrently running manga. She mentioned that anime is coming out like a lot of western shows now, where a given season’s performance is used as an indicator of whether or not to continue producing the anime. Not only does it allow for more faithful manga adaptations, but it’s smart from a business point of view, which is why I think you’re going to see more of that in the future.

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    1. I know all that. It’s always a trend that has annoyed me personally, but I wish sequels were used sparingly like last year. Not this year where it seems like everything worth watching is a sequel. I know that’s sequels are always going to be made because it’s just using a property that is already out there, but it gets frustrating sometimes you know? Even if there are shows that I desperately want a sequel for, which are quite a few to be honest, it seems like they get lost amongst the masses. Once again, a personal problem.

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      1. Oh no, I completely understand where you’re coming from. It is super frustrating to see the same IPs get trudged along all the time. I just wanted to point out why you’re seeing this more now, but yeah, this season seems to be disproportionate with the number of sequels.

        I’ve always appreciated that quality of anime, where you get complete stories in a, usually, small number of episodes. The longer running series, designed to keep you watching forever, usually can’t keep me interested by comparison. So I’m in agreement that quality new series are much more preferable. Unfortunately money is everything, so producers will always chase what looks like easier money.

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