The Secret Origin of Mechanical Anime Reviews

Hey guys, welcome to my week of celebrating the one year since I started this blog.  I partially started that on Sunday with my post about how I feel about the Dragon Ball franchise right now, but NOW it’s officially started.  Yes, this is the post announcing it right now.  This is a completely necessary thing to do.  Yes…  Anyway, back to the subject matter on this post.  Now for the tale of the not so secret origin of Mechanical Anime Reviews

If you guys wondered what event I mentioned in my About Me page that made me feel like starting this blog, it was the death of Podtaku.  This was an anime podcast that I followed for years.  It allowed me to keep up with events happening in the community, get recommendations on series that I wouldn’t watch otherwise, and just have fun.  That wasn’t the only thing that was appealing about it.  The people involved had great chemistry with each other and you can tell that they were having fun.  Even when they had personally conflicts with each other over differing opinions on anime.  Podtaku was great like that and I was excited when they opened up a partial second podcast called J-Taku.  This introduced me to a larger community of anime youtubers that were fun and unique in their own way as well.  It was great.  That was the peak of my anime youtuber watching…career?  That all came tumbling down a year ago.

When Podtaku announced that it officially disbanded, I was crushed.  My one link to the anime community at large was now gone.  I decided that I had to do something about it.  This was where my blog came into play.  Originally, I thought I wanted to go the youtube route, but didn’t I don’t like my voice, I’m shy, and did not know a damn thing about video editing.  I was decent at writing, so I went the blog direction instead.  I’ve always been somewhat decent with expressing my opnions in writing rather than talking, so it felt like the natural course to take.  I’ve been happy with it ever since.  I’ve got my own link to the anime community now.  Also, I am actually being able to talk about anime somewhere without people staring at me weirdly without knowing what I am taling about.  I also can talk about and express my opinions of things immediately instead of waiting for other people to catch up.  It’s a win, win situation.  All I had to do was write stuff.

I also find it amusing and great that three of the four members of Podtaku launched another podcast on Sunday.  It’s Anime no Yume or “The Dream of Anime”.  Listening to it made me so happy because I missed these people.  They still have the same chemistry, amusement factor, and knowledge of anime that they had a year ago.  It’s still missing one of the original people and I’m okay with that because I will take what I can get.  Does this mean I plan to stop blogging any time soon?  Hell no.  I’ve had so much fun writing posts on obscure anime and the latest seasonal hits that I don’t plan on stopping as long as I have time for it.  Somehow, I’ve had some success writing these blog posts and you guys don’t seem to mind what I have to say.  I would honestly write in this blog if I didn’t have any followers because I just like having a place to put my opinions on the wild and free internet.  Having people comment, like, and even share my posts just posts a smile on my face and makes my day all the time, so this experience is definitely worth continuing.


  1. Nice post, Scott. I myself discovered Podtaku after they were gone, but I can understand feeling like you lost a connection to the community that enjoyed them.

    I think that’s the great thing about ani-bloggers here on WordPress. We have such a great community and everyone is very open minded and supportive of each other. On top of that, there is genuinely great content, such as your articles, that I enjoy reading every day.

    Congratulations on blogging for one year. I’ve not been following you very long but I love what I’ve seen so far. Keep up the great work!

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  2. Good for you! Big congrats to your blogging milestone and here’s to more years to come. All of us have reasons for blogging. It’s so easy to quit but once we start enjoying it, we eventually fine more and more reasons to continue and grow our blogs. Cheers!

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    1. Thank you and I’ve been finding that life is empty sometimes when I don’t write anything. It’s weird and cool about how it’s become a routine.

      I hope I continue blogging for years. We shall see!

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