(Winter 2017 First Reactions) Interviews with Monster Girls

So I like watching Interviews with Monter Girls.  Really.  Yes.  I am completely surprised by this aspect as well.  The reason why?  Well, there is a lot of good traits that I like about Interviews with Monster Girls.  For starters, if this is going to be something like a harem series, the main character actually has a name, a face, and a personality.  His name is Tetsuo Takahashi and he is a biology teacher who is writing a thesis on Monster girls.  The fact that he is a teacher gives him a very good and solid reason on why he isn’t attracted to these teenage girls.  He’s an adult teacher and all he wants to do is help his students learn and live better lives.  Something all good teachers strive to do.  I don’t think this is going to be a harem series at all, but you never know.  The premise is close to being one.

What is this show about?  Well, apparently when a person is born, there is a possibility that they can become a monster through gene mutations.  That’s it, that’s the premise.  There are no epic origin stories for why these monster girls exist, it’s just by random happenstance.  In the anime itself, there is a set of twins in which only one of the girls is a vampire.  The other one is a completely normal human being.  That’s just the way this world works, I suppose.  So anyway, what happens to these girls?  Well, they take part in high school like almost every other anime character of course.  That’s the premise of the show.  These girls go to school and talk to the biology teacher so he can write his thesis about the monster mutation.  This is the only forward momentum and plot the show has, because otherwise it’s a cool slice of life story.

If you are wondering why I like this series so far, it’s because it’s surprisingly thoughtful.  It’s full of people trying to make another person’s life better.  Let’s take these monster girls as people who don’t completely fit in with from society alright, which isn’t that hard thing to do.  While these monster people can fit into society and talk to people like normal, the only ones that understand monster people the most are people like them.  Let’s use some examples from the first two episodes.  Kyoko, the dullahan, is able to talk to normal high schoolers pretty well, but when she talks about anything that makes her different, those people back away very nervously creating an awkward scene.  If Hikari, the vampire, didn’t talk about her problems as well, Kyoko would be left there in awkward silence.  And yes, those two become fast friends.  Tetsuo, our main character, also talks to Kyoko and practically goes on a date with her by carrying Kyoko’s head around all day.  He learns a lot about the troubles our dullahan goes through from day to day.  He talks to the principal about this issue and allows Kyoko to use a backpack instead of the bag that every other student uses.  This way, she can carry her head and books around comfortably and easier.  These are small things, but small things can improve people’s lives much more then you can imagine.  It’s a very positive feeling show that I just like getting the vibes from it.

Encase you are wondering, it’s beautifully animated as well.  Well, for a slice of life series at least.  Characters like Hikari feel more energetic because they are animated with extra movement.  Other than that, it’s pretty standard on this front.  It takes place in a high school as well, so not many exciting locations to look at either.  Still, I can’t help but recommend it.  It’s an incredibly solid feel good anime with a good cast and a good premise.  I talked more about this series then I thought I would, but I hope it gets more people to watch it.   I’m not usually one for series like this, but sometimes there can be surprises and this is definitely one of them.

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