(Winter 2017 First Reactions) elDLIVE

Looking into this series, elDLIVE is a series that I already wish there was more episodes then it’s already decided twelve episodes? Why, because it’s a shonen series and shonen series require more than just twelve episodes to go somewhere along its own path. Right now, elDLIVE is driving along a course that many other shonen are driving right now. I mean, there are cool things like space cops, aliens, and unique abilities, but the plot is similar to a lot of things that already exist. Chuta is a protagonist that has a lot of mental issues to become a better person. Thanks to the voices in his head that is also a powerful alien, Chuta has self doubt issues he must get through and he is going to do that by joining the space police force elDLIVE.  It’s pretty clear that it what his character arc is. There is almost no subtlety in this show. Everything about the show is basic besides that. I mean, there is the tsundere girl that wants Chuta to disappear, the basic high school ssetting stuff, the main character who is a closet case, and so on. So why am I watching it right now? Because I think there is more to this series than meets the eye and I want elDLIVE to prove that to me. That’s not because this is a lame ass season with not much going on in it, but because I find this show interesting and I see a lot of potential in it in the future. Let there be space adventures on Space Sunday. Name brought to you by me.

Well, let’s talk about the production side. The color design is pretty neat and the character designs are by the guy who did the character designs of Psycho Pass. Knowing that, you can guess that I really like them. Especially since there are cool alien officers that Chuta gets to work with, that cool space tsundere girl included, and cool alien prisoners they get to fight. The action scenes themselves are not very special, but the abilities that each person uses are pretty unique and interesting. There is alien biology running around and the elDLIVE makes use of it the best that it can. I should also mention the transitions from scene to scene and usage of color. They are incredibly unique and interesting. They definitely give elDLIVE a cool sense of style.

Is this a series that I recommend to everybody? I’m not sure yet. Give this show time. It might prove to be worth it by the end of its supposed twelve episode run.  Then again, it might not. I’m going to watch it regardless though.

5 thoughts on “(Winter 2017 First Reactions) elDLIVE

  1. I wasn’t overly impressed with episode 1 of this but also kind of thought the ideas had potential and were interesting enough (I actually like the idea of Chuta having a voice in his head that turns out to be an alien). I’m still not sure if this will actually get any bttter but at least I wasn’t feeling bored with this one.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. As a manga reader I can confirm that this series does eventually go down some very interesting and unique routes and starts to break the Shounen formula quite a lot with its writing and character arcs.

    But the worry is whether the anime will be long enough to get to all of that… Here’s hoping it lasts more than the supposed 12 episodes.

    Glad I’m not alone in enjoying this one though, I’ve seen very little praise for it outside of my own posts.

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