(Winter 2017 First Reactions) ACCA-13

ACCA is a very slow burn to watch.  I say that because while the world building of the series has been pretty great, it feels like the show is moving forward at the speed of meh. That doesn’t mean there nothing is happening, but the ACCA feels like letting you know this world is the most important thing in the series so far. I say this because while we do know about our protagonist Jean Otus by what his job is, what he likes to do, where he likes to buy food, and some others traits, I still don’t feel like I know him. Maybe that is the point. Maybe getting to know who he is, what he does, and why he hasn’t quit his job, is part of the plot. It’s hard to say right now.  The only major thing that is going on right now is a possible Coup that the government things Jean is involved in for some reason.  Even that hasn’t led to much yet. The show is definitely moving forward in some kind of direction, but sometimes it feels like ACCA has is more interesting in people eating good looking food than anything else.

The production side of the show is fantastic.  The hard to animate character designs are animated pretty well, the backgrounds of the two ACCA districts that Jean has visited are pretty unique, and the city that Jean walks around are pretty cool.  I also like that female members of ACCA can wear pants if they choose too instead of being forced into a skirt like every other anime in existence.

So yeah, not sure if I want to give this a recommendation.  While it looks pretty and the world it is based around is decently fleshed out, not much is going on at the moment.  There has been two episodes and it feels like a chess game where the players are setting up their pieces to advance instead of just jumping in and doing something interesting.  If that sounds cool to you, go ahead and watch it.  If it doesn’t, you can easily skip this show.


  1. I like your analogy that the first two episodes have been like a chess game. It really does feel like this show is still putting everything in place before it gets moving and I”m actually appreciating the time it is taking in slowly revealing motives and intrigues rather than just have a character give us an internal monologue about what they are trying to accomplish. It makes Jean a puzzle that I want to solve and I look forward to finding out more about. And at this point I’m questioning everything because what we are seeing is only part of the picture and it seems we are going to be told one bit of information from one character only to have another character contradict it later. I think I’m enjoying not being spoonfed character development and that it isn’t being rushed over in favour of comedy or action.
    That said, I’ve read quite a few reviews of this where people have been bored and totally disengaged so I kind of get that it isn’t for everyone.

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    1. Now that you mention the spoon-fed argument, that’s so true. No characters blatantly telling you their motivations. You get to figure that out yourself. So true and interesting.

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      1. I don’t know if it will work or if they aren’t telling us what the characters are thinking because they don’t know, but so far it feels like there is a purpose behind the events and behind the character actions and I’d really like to know where it is going. Hopefully somewhere interesting.

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