(Winter 2017 Anime Reaction) Scum’s Wish and this season so far

Scum’s Wish

So far, I’ve been extremely surprised by Scum’s Wish. I didn’t know what to make of it because its premise sounded like a Toradora clone. (Not that I don’t like Toradora, because I actually do). What came out was something far more grounded and realistic then I ever thought would be imaginable.  Scum’s Wish starts out as a drama in which two high school kids who are attracted to adult figures they’ve known their entire life, but can’t get their attention in anyway, form a couple. There isn’t any sort of love become either of the characters, so they use each other to fill the missing hole they think exists in their lives. They fulfill their desires of lust in acts that neither of them should be proud of.

Scum’s Wish pulls no punches in the content that is portrayed to the viewer. There is fan service and sexual acts, but they are not portrayed in the “ha ha, look at her panties” sort of way or “I accidently slipped and caused an ecchi accident” sort of way. The shame of both characters during these moments feels real and is grounded. There are other elements that came into play that I liked from the second episode as well, but that is something for a different time. A review, or something, when Scum’s Wish is completed. I was not expecting another Rakugo situation, but this is yet another well done and mature drama that deserves attention in a very thin winter season.

The animation and art are nothing special. That’s okay, because the show doesn’t need it. To add more grounded layers to the series, the color pallet is much duller then the usual anime series today and I kind of like it. Based on what I said, I think you should know whether or not Scum’s Wish is for you or not. It is definitely an anime that can cause a big controversy. Maybe it was meant for that. I don’t know. Either way, I like this show so far. Can’t way to see what is in store next.

The Season So far:

At this moment, the season is alright. Much better then I originally thought it would be, but the dramas this season seem to be more interesting then the action shonen series.  Then again, those shonen series haven’t fully proven themselves yet, but today’s episode of Blue Exorcist showed some potential. Especially with some of the typical, but good world building that is being done right now. Maybe there is some for elDLIVE as well. Looking forward to watching more elDLIVE on Sunday.

Personal List Ranking Right Now (including left overs from last season) :

(Top Tier)
-Descending Stories: Rakugo Shinju
-March Comes in Like a Lion
-Scum’s Wish
-Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans S2

(Middle Tier)
-Tiger Mask W
-Interviews with Monster Girls
-ACCA: 13

(Last, but not least Tier)
-Blue Exorcist

This tier system is new for me, but it seemed like something interesting to try out. These are the ten shows that I decided to watch this season, so I don’t plan on dropping any of these for the time being. I don’t plan on making weekly reviews of these shows, but expect a quick update in the middle of this season about how everything is going and reviews of each show at the end of their runs.

I know that this is obvious, but this list can change over time. A series’ quality cannot be detected by the first couple of episodes. No series can be truly judged until they are done and have said everything that they decided to say. I fully intend for this ranking to change. Can’t wait to see what happens.

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