(First Reaction) GRANBLUE FANTASY: The Animation

I can’t call this a review, because this show just had two episodes appear on Crunchyroll and the series is going to air in the spring.  I still want to get my thoughts out about it though.  For this season’s first reactions, I only waited two episodes to write them so this is the same deal. I’m going to do the same thing here.  Maybe I didn’t need to spend a paragraph to just say “I do what I want”, but a little justification can go a long way sometimes.

So what do I think about Granblue Fantasy so far? Well I think the first episodes as basic of a set as they can be. Basically, the most first episode that ever first episoded. What do I mean by this? Well, how many anime series have the bored protagonist waited for their call for adventure? That one or more of their parents are out in the unknown on an adventure and just send a letter home to this person saying “wish you can join me”. Granblue is yet another one of those stories. The call of adventure was sent out to the protagonist who wants more “insert Disney song here” and he accepted it. That’s about it. There were some major circumstances behind him leaving, but beyond that Granblue Fantasy brings nothing new to the table. The characters are the classic archetypal fantasy characters that I’ve seen a million times before and so is the story. Even the world that it all takes place in isn’t original either. Execution over originality is something that I live by, but that wasn’t special either. The only thing that kept me interested in this anime was the visuals.

A-1 Pictures’ visuals were the massive stand out here. The animation, the character designs, and the art style were completely different from everything that I’ve seen from them. Well, maybe since Grimgar: Of Fantasy and Ash. So far, the world feels familiar, but incredibly detailed. From the completely detailed sky ship in the beginning to the well textured island that Gran lives in, the world is just very clean, refined, and interesting. Also, the heavy character designs of the soldiers in knight armor and the main character designs themselves are incredibly cool. The fight scenes are amazingly fluid and come with awesome special effects. I admit that there is some choppiness to the knight’s movements from time to time, but that’s the only issue I have with it. The cell shaded cg was incredibly good. I can tell why this is show has been delayed, because there is a lot of detail work being put into this anime from a visual perspective. It will be completely worth it for people who are interested in this kind of stuff.

So well I watch it when the series comes out in the spring? No, I don’t think so. Video game anime adaptations seem to become more and more of a thing and most of them are generic fantasy anime that have some good visual effects. Fate: Grand//Order is yet another one of these and looking back, I wish I never watched it. I don’t want to support this trend because all that comes out of them are visually stunning anime that are thematically empty. It’s very ant-Scott material. There is so much more to anime then its visuals and I plan on standing by my beliefs of this by not watching anymore of these adaptions. Well it change the world or make these adaptions stop happening? No, but that doesn’t mean I have to watch them. The only show of this type that ever caught my attention, Shingeki no Bahamut, and that show had a lot of good charm, good characters, and personality with it that made is a joy to watch.  Nothing else has caught my attention.

Addendum: If a lot of people say it’s amazing, I may check more of it out. I’m not afraid of eating my words from time to time.

3 thoughts on “(First Reaction) GRANBLUE FANTASY: The Animation

  1. I’m still on the fence about whether to watch these episodes now or not. Given I can’t watch the rest now it seems kind of pointless so unless I get really curious or bored this weekend I’ll probably just leave this alone until the show actually comes out.

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