Thursday: My day away from Anime

Many of you are looking at this title and asking what it means. Or just don’t care. That’s completely possible as well. Either way, the explanation of this is simple. That is the day that I decided that I wouldn’t watch any anime. I dedicate the day to catching up to my live action shows. This is incredibly hard for me to do, because Scum’s Wish airs on Thursday. Scum’s Wish is among the best things airing this season. Believe me, not logging onto Amazon and watching it is incredibly difficult.

Thursday is my live action TV night. I just love watching Top Chef, Agents of Shield, Expanse, and Legion. What Top Chef is about kind of obvious don’t you think? It’s a cooking competition show and it’s incredibly fun to watch. Agents of Shield is just as obvious for those obsessed Marvel Cinematic Universe watchers like me. The Expanse is one of my favorite science fiction shows that I’ve watched in years. It’s about proto matter from an alien universe almost hitting our Earth and it being used as an experiment with the building tension between Earth and Mars as a back drop. Legion is an X-men series focused on Professor Xavier’s son. Have I mentioned that I’m a nerd recently? I realize that is incredibly obvious from all this anime watching and blog stuff, but that’s not the only thing I am interested in. I love my science fiction and comic book stuff. That’s another part of who I am.

There is a big reason for why I set a specific day for staying away from anime. More than just watching cool stuff, Thursday is a massive pallet cleanser for me. There were some periods of my life where I watched so much anime that I listening to anything in my native tongue was weird. That was one of my many signs that I watched too much of it and I need to take a break. Anime loses its spark for me when I am in that mode. Taking a day off is one of the things that I decided to do to stave off anime exhaustion. The other things being watching more than one genre and demographic of airing anime and watching older anime slower than usual. Also, watching things that are going on in my own culture feels like a good thing as well. It’s so I’m not detached from what is going on around me and can relate to other people as well. These might seem like somewhat paranoid things to do, but by lowering the amount of things I watched I’ve been in love with anime more than ever. If anything, that’s the thing that matters.

Why did I feel like revealing this right now? Well, I’m about to go into watching anime for Mecha March and I’m thinking too far ahead and stressing out about it. At this moment, I am not watching any older or non airing shows. I’m about to start watching Gasaraki soon at home on dvd and some other mech series that I can stream on my phone during work out sessions. I am going back to my roots of watching almost only mech and action shows instead of trying to diversify my anime portfolio. That is like walking backwards. It’s something that I want to do because I feel like a themed mecha month is a cool idea, but I’m having some doubts about it. I guess I we shall see what happens. It’s not like I’m going to stop watching airing anime so I have some diversity to what I’m watching, so maybe all this is over thinking. That’s a personal problem that I need to learn to deal with.

Okay, let’s put this post back on the subject matter. What is something that you do to stave off anime boredom or stop being burnt out from it. I’ve seen a number of people going all in to anime like the live it and breath it every day, but get to the point of not watching it for a year or two. Possibly never returning to it ever. I like pacing myself with this art form. It is what works for me. Especially since I am enamoring myself with the anime fan culture more and more because of this blog and following/reading a lot of other people’s blogs. After mecha march, I plan on taking a break from none airing shows and watching some live action shows on Netflix. It’s what I call a cool down.

5 thoughts on “Thursday: My day away from Anime

  1. I totally feel you on this. I need to cleanse my pallet through other mediums or else I get tunnel vision. It’s also why I feel the need to write about non-anime things from time to time. Not only does it make anime much more rewarding when I do watch it but there are skills and perspectives to be gained from other places. Overall this is a smart move.

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