What Lord Beerus Represents (A first reaction of DBS)

Hello Everyone. Before this I get started with my thoughts on this, I want to state where I am with the series. I am not up to date where everything is on Crunchyroll. I’ve only been watching the dub on Toonami. That only means I’m on episode 7 out of a current 78 or so episodes that are out subbed. I stated why that this is how I am watching the series on a previous post right here, but the jist is that I don’t like the Dragon Ball franchise as much as I used to. I am still interested in the direction that its going, so I at least want to keep my thumb on it on some level. Watching it on Toonami has reminded me a little bit of why I used to like the series when I was much younger than I am now. It has also reminded me of why I don’t like it as much right now.

Now onto my theory on why Lord Beerus exists. He representation of a larger world our characters have not seen yet. Exactly what Raditz was for Dragon Ball Z. At the end of Dragon Ball, we knew all about the world the series took place in. Raditz bust down the door to tell you how there is much more going on in this universe then we originally thought. Raditz was far beyond the current power level of our heroes, despite being comparatively weaker then everybody else, and immediately put the world at risk even if he was around for a short amount of time. Beerus is playing the same role for Dragon Ball Super, but not nearly as well as Raditz did.

The problem I have with Lord Beerus is the same problem I have Dragon Ball Super at this point. He just adds another layer to the Dragon Ball universe of the gods instead of adding something entirely new and interesting. Seriously, this was something that was started since the introduction of King Kai over King Yemma. Then there was a Grand Kai and after that there was the supreme Kai. Because of the way everything turned out, our King Kai turned out to be the Kai of the northern section of the universe. I’m not sure if that was how it originally planned or just happened because the Dragon Ball universe added more gods. Beerus is just another addition to all of the other gods that I originally mentioned. Therefore, nothing new is added to the table here. Maybe a new power level for people of the saiyan race that we haven’t seen yet, but then there has been a lot of transformations and power ups used in the series already. It’s a giant +1. Dragon Ball Super is just Dragon Ball Z: the continuation. I know that’s going to be hit by a resounding, “well duh”, but that’s the problem that I have with it.

I am about to write the most blasphemous thing that I’ve ever written on this blog so strap in. For every single flaw (which there were a ton) in Dragon Ball GT, at least it tried to be different. TRIED being the key word here. While the black star dragon balls were not the most original concept ever (where did they even come from?), it leads to more space exploration for our team of heroes. Something that added more to the Dragon Ball universe then “oh hey, another god”. From there on, GT’s ideas were interesting but not executed in any meaningful way. I especially liked the dragons that came from the over used dragon balls because that showed there over used has consequences. I mean, the show was terribly written. Let’s be honest here. While not original, Dragon Ball Super is written better then GT ever was. Heck, it’s written even better then later parts of DBZ. There is one main villain whose level of threat is decently developed and the show is not throwing one villain after another after another at us hoping something will stick. I just wish Dragon Ball Super didn’t play it safe like this. Beerus is a good and amusing character that I hope is used later on. From what I’ve of future episode, that isn’t problem.

In conclusion, what do I think of Lord Beerus and Dragon Ball Super? While the character and the show aren’t as original and exciting as I hope they would be, I do admit that they are written alrightly and deliver what they try to deliver. That doesn’t mean that I am going to shower Beerus and Dragon Ball Super with praises from high heavens. That just means that I plan on watching it more and seeing where the show goes from here. Hopefully in a more original and interesting route. If not, then oh well. I’ll continue watching it anyway.

2 thoughts on “What Lord Beerus Represents (A first reaction of DBS)

  1. You ought to see the gods (and even other universes) that get introduced later… Sorry if that’s a spoiler, but your analysis is proven by that! There is a certain character that goes all the way to the top, but I won’t say anymore 🙂

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