The toxicity of the anime community

Some Updates:

I want to start off this post by apologizing for quite a lot of things. The first thing is the title of this post. I know that it’s not anyone here because this anime blogging community has been pretty great. This is a click bait title and I did not want to offend anybody by using it. The second thing is my lack of posts for the couple months. As you know, I’m a college student that is also involved with a lot of things including a full time job, so I have been trying my best to find to write. I’ve rushed out posts that I don’t feel are complete so I feel like they have been lacking in quality recently. The third and last thing is that I could have been working on my second evangelion post, but I decided to write this instead. So apologies all around for these three things.

The topic as hand:

I know that I have written a post about this in the past, but recent events have made this post necessary. What do I mean by recent events? The release of the Sword Art Online movie appearing in theaters in last week, fans quickly dropping Crunchyroll because it was testing new encoding service and the bit rate wasn’t up to par, and some selfish moron complaining about how other youtubers aren’t making videos up to his standard. I know that there are a lot of people who aren’t this way, but there are a few rotten apples that ruin everything for people who just want to have fun watching anime.

These days it seems like you can tell that an anime is insanely popular when there is a large crowd hating on it. Seriously, name a time when that hasn’t happened recently? When something is hyped because people like it, there is always going to be a large crowd of people automatically calling it over hyped and trash. Sometimes it’s just because an anime is popular and the people involved haven’t seen it. Sometimes it’s because the viewer has legitimate reasons. It really is hard to tell unless you talk to these people and that can be dangerous in its own right. If you don’t like a series, please be the later. Otherwise, just don’t give it any attention. Even a negative reaction will give attention to something you don’t like.

The next thing I’m going to tell each of you is have patience. If your streaming service suddenly has lesser quality than usual, please tell support immediately. Don’t just quit and go straight to pirating because you don’t like what is going on. Allow them the change to fix the problem. They are always looking for ways to improve and user feedback is one way that they can do it. If something like Crunchyroll doesn’t get feedback, then how will they know if there is a problem. It’s how it works. You are paying for this service, so help them to improve it.

I’m not even going to address the youtube insanity. If you wanted to know more about it, I’m sure you have plenty of ways to find it. Just know that everything that guy said in that post is incredibly stupid. In the end, all I’m asking for is open mindedness. Be open minded and accepting. These two things will make this anime community better than it already is. I know that there are plenty of you already doing this, so I say this. Keep trucking along and spread the word. This world is made of love and peace. Love and Peace.  Love and Peace.

love and peace trigun

26 thoughts on “The toxicity of the anime community

  1. Well said! I personally didn’t know about the Crunchyroll issue, nor the youtube comment. But then again, I would wait it out – sometimes companies just need the time to adjust to something new. But I think with accessibility being so easy people expect fast results – but don’t take into account what kind of support is needed when companies want to create better options.

    Anyways, hope school and work isn’t stressing you out too much!

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    1. Yes, adjusting to something new can be difficult. It always takes time and sometimes people don’t feel like having the patience.

      Thank you. They aren’t at the moment. On bring for school at the moment for a couple weeks :D.

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  2. This. All of this.

    This community is getting worse and worse as time goes on in regards to its toxicity to the point that beyond the blogosphere I don’t even engage with it any more. You can never discuss anything now due to these sentient monstrosities barging themselves into every open minded discussion and telling you that you’re an idiot for liking X show.

    I have a weird stance on sites like Crunchyroll to begin with that I’d rather not share here, but I can at least agree that the people who pay for the service are being ridiculous by threatening to drop their support from the service almost immediately because they couldn’t use HD streaming or whatever for like 2 hours.

    Then there’s the video you speak of which absolutely disgusted me on a whole other level. That guy is one of the reasons I became a writer and I was both shocked and deeply offended by his stance on quality standards. I understand the point he’s making well enough, but the way he made the point and the way he basically referred to everyone but himself and his social clique as “shit content creators” was overly offensive and stupid.

    I’m glad that for once, it’s not just me who’s posting about the toxic nature of this community. Excellent post that everyone should read.

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    1. Yes, I feel like the general rule is the less you are involved in the anime community, the better you feel. Still, I like this blogosphere. There are a lot of good people here.

      Yeah, I wasn’t happy with his video either. Giving criticism is fine, but feeling like people should make the same content that he does is just wrong.


  3. I love that the internet has given everyone the freedom to be obnoxious on a global scale – you have this wonderful technology at your finger tips to connect you to the world and instead you want to use it to air ignorance and hatred. Awesome choice.
    That said, most of the people I’ve met through blogging have been pretty fun to talk to and fairly reasonable and its been a really positive experience.

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  4. not to play devil’s advocate or anything, but ill ask the question i always ask on posts like this. what exactly about the anime fandom makes it more toxic than any other fandom?

    but more to the point, i dont have a strong preference on either side for the crunchyroll thing. im not particularly outraged at their behavior because i think it makes sense, but i can see how the users are feeling cheated. also, the general lack of communication when it happened was a bit dodgy. sure they released a statement, but it was arguably after they were caught. still, it’s their right to make a change if they feel it’s necessary and it’s hard to pass judgment without knowing the full story.

    as for the youtube incident, it’s a bit hypocritical to promote open-mindedness while completely rejecting the video without comment. i think there was a legitimate message in the video even if the delivery was callous and rude. the delivery was probably a lot more “forceful” than it should have been as i found the overall message sounded more like a “plea” than anything else.

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    1. What’s the difference between the anime fandom and others? The hatedom is nearly constant. Since the anime fandom doesn’t form around one defined show, there is always going to be a show hated it, except this season maybe?, while other shows are off for break for a while.

      Yeah, that is Crunchyroll’s fault that they got caught. Usually something like that was seamless and it wasn’t this time.

      Honestly at the moment of writing this, I was so shocked and angry by the video that I didn’t want to say that much because all that would appear is an angry rant.

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      1. what about video game fandoms? what about lol or cs;go? is the problem that the all of the anime fans fall into a single bucket? or are we treating them that way, which makes them seem worse?

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      2. I don’t know much about video game fandoms. I’ve been drifting farther and farther away from gaming as time goes on.

        It might be the fact that we are focused on seasonal anime. Instead of choosing a show to binge watch from years ago, people randomly pick shows that sound okay, watch them, then continue onto the next season. I guess all we just fall into the same bucket recently

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      3. wow that reply failed. I really shouldn’t comment on phones. what I meant was I can understand your frustration, but I’ve seen a lot of similar complaints in fandoms, so I always question how much this behavior is just expected.


      4. Well, it seems to be expected all the time and I wish that wasn’t the case. I guess reality is stronger then fantasy here.


  5. I honestly don’t understand why there are so many places on the internet that happen to have a large population of anime fans (merely a correlation, not implying any causation) that are so messed up and full of hate. I’ve been tempted so many times to just throw my WiFi router in the bin and never touch the internet again. I’ve already quit at least three websites in the last year.

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  6. Fandom is something that breeds a sort of civil war within its own members. Since opinions are subjective, and anime being quite a unique visual and audio medium, there is never one thing everyone can agree with. With everyone being different, even something like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood which is something generally well-received gets hit by a decent dose of contrarians. The anime fandom as a whole and anything that is created on subjective opinions is bound to spark conflict between people. We like different things, and the problem that spawns from that is some people are very vocal about liking different things. It is what sprouts an elitist mindset or an us vs them mentality. You and Vash are right though, love and peace is the answer, it will just take a long time to get there.

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  7. It’s actually true. Some of the most popular anime shows have tons of hate–Sword Art Online being the most popular. Sometimes the people have decent reasons, other times it’s just plain stupid.
    Great post!

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      1. No problem! It’s pretty fun reading other people’s stuff, and since I’m new to the site and you are one of the 4 or 5 people I recognize I’ve developed a habit of reading your stuff–and every time I tune in I am not disappointed! Write on!

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  8. As a recovering anime fan, I wasn’t familiar with the Crunchyroll issue, but I can definitely see the YouTube or the hype backlash issues. That’s not even getting into issues of fandom hypocrisy like how some fan bases think it’s okay if one show or studio does something, but not okay if a different one does the same thing. About the hype backlash issue, I avoid popular stuff to begin with not do I review it. When I review something that gets very high scores and reception, sometimes I review it and think it’s good but not THAT good at best, or overrated and crappy at worst.


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