Top Five Female Mech Pilots

I feel like female pilots are highly underrepresented in the mecha genre? Does that mean that there aren’t that many female pilots in mech series? No. In fact there are quite a lot. It’s just that they seem to be side lined by the male pilots for one reason or another. Out of all the mech series that I’ve seen, maybe a handful or a little more series kept the female pilots in full prominence. So I’m not trying to white knight this or anything, I’m just trying to point this out. Mech series are still connected to the shounen demographic, so there is a reason for all of this. Okay, with further to do, here is an unorganized list of my favorite female mech pilots.

Noa Izumi from Patlabor

noa izumi.gif

Noa is the lead character of Patlabor. She is bubbly, over excited about almost everything, is obsessed with giant robots, and is a talented pilot. She is also the daughter of a bartender, so she can drink everyone in her police unit (Unit 2) under the table. Noa named her mech Alphonese, which is what she named all her pets beforehand. So yes, she is a fun and great character for a series that is full of hilarious and crazy moments.

Milia Jenius from Super Dimension Fortress Macross


Milia is a proud warrior of the Zentradi. The Zentradi race are the enemy forces currently at war and winning against the human race. Milia is the ace who was never defeated until fighting Max from the Macross. She first tries to in act her revenge on him when she infiltrates the macross, but she starts to fall madly in love with him. She never loses her integrity or her piloting skill though. The two become an ace pilot couple that are never defeated.

Haman Karn from Zeta/Double Zeta Gundam

Haman Karn

I already mentioned her here and don’t have to say much else about her on this post. I am going to say that there are a lot of good and well developed female characters that pilot giant robots in the Gundam franchise, but many of them are not as important as the main protagonist and end up getting sidelined. It’s disappointing because how many times have you seen a female as the main character in a Gundam series? It has not happened yet.

Kallen Stadtfeld from Code Geass


Kallen is a half Japanese and half Britannian awesome and interesting character when she isn’t used like fanservice fodder. Seriously, her mech is designed so we see her butt more prominently on camera. Kallen has so many other fanservice moments in the show as well for some reason. *cough*, but moving on. She goes to a Britannian school in Japan during the day whether she is awake or not and fights for Japan’s freedom at night with this mysterious masked figure called Zero.  Despite all that fanservice stuff, which is hard to ignore, she is a very interesting and well developed character. *Sigh* That didn’t sound right at all, but you all know what I’m getting at right? Her conflict with which side she belongs with (Japan or Britania) really brings out more of her character She is the ace pilot and Suzaku’s rival throughout the series. That never is taken away from her.

Asuka Langely Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion

asuka eva 2

What can I say about Asuka that most of you already don’t know about her? In some ways she is like Kallen up above because she was introduced with a fanservice moment, but her character succeeds despite that. Asuka seems like a classic tsundere at first, but once you dig into the details, you notice more about her. Because of how bad her childhood was, she was force to mentally grow up faster than her body which causes her a lot of complications for her in the show. She needs to be an ace in order to give her the confidence she needs to keep mentally afloat. Since she is a great pilot, she doesn’t need to deal with that most of the time. However…we all know what happens. If you don’t know, watch the show. That’s a massive spoiler alert.

So yes, here is five out of many different female pilots that I like. These five just stand out more to me then so many of the others. Go watch mecha and support all the pilots. Not just the male pilots or the female pilots, all of them.


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