Winter 2017 in Review: elDLIVE and Demi-chan

To me, these shows are similar in a couple of ways. For one, I am not going to say that they are bad. Oh no, would never say that. Infact, both of these shows have a lot of good things going on for them then bad. It’s just that some of the bad and tiring elements reduce my enjoyment of the show a little bit. A whole letter grade if I was keeping score. That’s the sad thing because these elements held back the show from going to a level to where they could have been. What are they? Well, let’s dig into that.


elDLIVE follows a basic shonen formula, but its traits are fantastically unique. For one, SPACE. THERE IS SPACE SHIPS, ALIENS, AND SPACE POLICE STUFF. So I might be excited about that aspect a bit, but a shonen hasn’t been in space for a long time. It’s all been ground based or City Street based. Because elDLIVE is space focused, every single character has a unique ability that isn’t seen anywhere else. Chuta’s, the main character, ability is unique because he has been infested by an alien for a long time and it’s caused him trauma because everybody around him has always thought that he talking to himself. Turns out that he has a rare alien attached to him and since he’s gained confidence in himself, he can use it for unique abilities only held back by his imagination. Kind of like being a Green Lantern. A lot of cool things going on with some decent production values and unique ideas.

The thing that holds back elDLIVE for me is the unnecessary fanservice. This is something that started becoming a major take away half way through the series when Veronica, Nina, and Doctor Love entered the scene. It’s like they were added just to increase the fanservice in the show. Nina’s power costume barely covers her when she uses her ability, Doctor Love is a perverted old man in a young student’s body, and Veronica panties gets focused on for one reason or another. I joke about how you can know an anime character so well you literally know them down to what kind of underwear they wear, but that’s always been a joke. Not to be taken literally. I mean, did the show have to take half of an episode to go to a museum where the three female characters are painted naked on portraits? Use that time to develop that character that just appeared.

Despite the fanservice stuff and some filler issues, elDLIVE is worth watching. I would track down the manga for this show because I liked a lot of what I saw if I had to time to read things that are next text books. I’m also a bit of a shonen junkie, and forever well be, and I wanted to see more. Hopefully this show a second season or something later on.

Interviews with Monster Girls

To me, this anime feels like it has two sides to it. One part empathetic slice of life show and another part that is approaching becoming a harem anime. The show is at its best when it’s the first part I mentioned. The monster girls can be used as a stand in for people that are disabled in some sort of way and it’s based around these characters finding confidence in themselves and others gaining empathy and finding ways on how to interact with these monster girls. The main character is more than your standard high school protagonist, because he’s a science teacher that is interested in demis and is finding ways on how to improve the quality of the monster girls lives. This lead into the next part, the harem aspect.

Knowing what I said before, you can probably understand why the harem aspect is there. The teacher is attractive, intelligent, and incredibly helpful to them. Can you blame these teenage girls for being attracted to this guy? Seriously? If this characters talking about this teacher didn’t take up half of the show, I would be fine with it. Unfortunately, that’s what happened. There is also the teacher who is a succubus and is incredibly attractive due to naturally being attractive and the affect that succubus’ have on males. She just added more fanservice to the show and raked up the harem levels even more. Also, pretty sure boobs don’t bounce the way they did in the show. I’m not a female so I don’t know this exactly, but I am pretty certain here. I also don’t think she was needed in anyway. Take her away from the plot, and Interviews with Monster Girls would be better for it.

Despite the dual nature of this show, I would still recommend it. Its empathetic and emotionally satisfying. I just wish that part was explored more then what we were given.

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