The down sides of anime blogging

Before I get into this, I want to just say that I love anime blogging. I may not always have time to write a blog post from time to time, but I love getting my thoughts of different parts of anime out to the public. Even if it’s a blog post and it doesn’t get the same size of an audience as one from a youtube video, that’s fine by me. I also love taking part of the anime blogging community. To those who I talk to pretty often and maybe not talk to at all, I’m glad that you are reading this post and my blog. I’m always shocked that I have gained any sort of following on here, so thank you all. Now that all of that good stuff is out of the way, time to bring out the bad.

1) Lower anime watching rate

This seems kind of obvious, but it’s obvious for a reason. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t watch subbed anime and blog at the same time. I am watching Escaflowne and writing this post at the same time, but that’s only because I’m checking out its new dub and it’s not the most complex anime that I’ve ever watched. In general though, about 90% of the anime that I watch is subbed. I do watch older stuff dubbed when I can, but simulcasted shows are subbed. I also don’t care for a lot of the broadcast dubs that Funimation is involved with, so that’s not an option. With my busy schedule, I am able to squeak in maybe two or three episodes of anime a night and write about a little bit if there is time. That means my slow watch rate is slower because of it.

2) Pressure to Post

Maybe this is just me, but I always feel this mental pressure to have a post up as soon as possible. When I don’t have time to write a post, I never mentally feel alright with myself. Considering this blog life style revolves around sharing opinions with what we write, it always annoys me I don’t do my part by sharing as many post as I can. Of course, I always have this same mental pressure on everything that I do. I do my best to push myself and accomplish as many things as I can.

3) Writers’ Block

This is something all of us writers face from time to time. Sure, it’s easy to write a review about that show you just watched or that episode that you just watch, but what if you want to expand your horizons more? What if you want to write a post about something that will set you apart from the other bloggers but you can’t do it because you don’t any ideas on what to write? It’s a constant challenge because you may not be able to see all of the infinite possibilities that you can write about. You might be in that room of ideas, but you may have nothing but a flash light to see glimpses of what you can write about.

4) Balance of hard work vs view count

Let’s assume that you get your post out on time and its creative and everything. You may have put a ton of hours building into this post that you think people are going to like. This post is going to be your magnum opus, the best thing that you have ever done. After posting it, you find out that nobody wants to read it because it doesn’t interesting people. While I am not looking for views, it still hurts when nobody reads what I consider the best post ever at that time. Why? Because that post I spent maybe half an hour on and posted it immediately sometimes gains a much larger following and has a bigger reaction behind it. Its really weird.

5) My post is never good enough

Maybe this is another thing for people like me, but do you ever get the feeling what you just posted isn’t good enough. This is apart of that artist constant improvement thing, but still. I can barely look at some of my previous posts. Heck, I sometimes scoff at a post as I post it. Maybe it has to do with finding how I want to write my posts or it could be that I suck. Who knows really? Not me that’s for sure. The best thing I can do is try to find a different way to write my posts or try to feel better about what I am posting. Eh we all know that the later is more likely. It’s that sort of feeling that artist use to improve their work. Find that flaw, nitpick and improve on it, find a new flaw, and continue the cycle.

These are the challenges that new bloggers have face along with staying interested in blogging. These things are also why bloggers take hiatuses from blogging from time to time. Taking a break clears your mind of all the stress behind blogging and bring you back into the game. In the end though, just make sure you know you want to continue blogging because that will make all of this stress completely worth it. With everything else, just know that the positives heavily out weigh the negatives. The negatives still have an effect though, so never count them out. 

50 thoughts on “The down sides of anime blogging

  1. Yep, I’m with you Scott on most of these. I have similar feelings. My amount of anime watching has dropped a bit since I’m trying to write a lot more. I also notice I can’t write about current season anime- but I think that’s because I like thinking about things in context of a series than episodically.

    Also, number 4 resonates with me a lot too! It hurts, but sometimes it’s hard for people to relate to stuff. Maybe what I wrote wasn’t interesting enough to spark discussion. But I still try to have fun with it.

    When it comes to not thinking “my post is never good enough”, I’m always feeling that way about my OWLS posts. I’m always telling Naja how nervous I feel because I don’t think it’s that great. But I end up getting such positive reviews from people. It’s also why I hardly post my architectural posts also because I don’t think they’re up to par by my standards.

    despite these downsides I absolutely love ani-blogging, and love interacting with you and reading your work! 🙂

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  2. i agree on 5)…that feeling stops me from publishing a lot of the time. trying really hard to get into the mentality that putting out a subpar post is better than keeping it to myself because i can at least get feedback (hopefully). never really think about 3) or 4). and im kinda the opposite on 1) and 2). ive watched way more series since i started blogging because i keep up with airing anime much more consistently. and ive only really felt the pressure to publish a post immediately if i really like the post. i have no issues keeping everything on a schedule

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  3. What a timely post! I’m currently experiencing numbers 1-4. I think most of us feel or have felt the same. To put so much effort and research into what you write, even if to some it’s “only an anime review”, only to have this post that you’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into have low views can be very disheartening. I’ve been really anxious this past week, as I haven’t been able to post what I’m working on due to life. It can get frustrating. Please know that I always enjoy your posts.

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  4. All of this is very true and it feeds off one another. Watching less anime means less and less to talk about (and for me more and more venturing outside of anime to compensate). This leads to writer’s block as you try to figure out what to write about. This leads to longer gaps between posts that become more and more stressful as I feel the pressure to post. And I’m a harsh critic on myself so if it’s not good enough then I’m beating myself up over it. Been causing me some depression lately as I’m just not writing how I want to and I feel like I’m failing my audience. It’s a repeating cycle. It doesn’t help that there’s other stuff going on in my life.

    This post puts into words a lot of what I’ve been feeling lately. Thanks for writing this.

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    1. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been disappointing my audience as well because the number of posts I’ve been making since the beginning of the year has dropped significantly and I’m not sure that the quality of my posts has been making up for it. So yeah, this post has been a long time coming.

      Thank you for reading.

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      1. I actually relate to you a lot in this context because I have a low post per week number….
        However, I personally enjoy your posts a lot, so don’t worry! As long as you are having fun writing them, it’s fine!

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  5. Nicely written good sir. The ones that affect me often are 4 and 5. Sometimes I write reviews that are about 15-2000 words and yet very few check it out.

    Pressure to write: This one doesn’t come up often. It’s more like I have so much to write about and so little time to dedicate to watching, reading or playing and then reviewing them.

    Post is never good enough: That has happened a couple of times.

    I don’t have writer’s block often. It’s more like I get ideas for topics but due to my poor time management skills I lost interest and do not bother writing some of them.

    As far as watching less anime because of blogging goes, my favorite genres usually dish out several anime a season so that’s not a problem.

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    1. Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing your experiences. I understand the poor time management skills. I’ve been a lot busier since the beginning of the year so I barely have time to write posts unless they are short ones. I’m surprised I was able to do more then two posts per week last month.

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  6. I haven’t watched a lot of anime because I’m very busy and for 2, I don’t keep up with a schedule because that just adds pressure on me. That’s why I post when I want to and have time. Also, I know that my readers will still be there every day on Twitter or WP. For 3, when I have writer’s block that’s when I realized I need a break and I usually do that. For 3, I try not to think about view count and just post what I want to post and for 5, I always feel like that, but I post some things that I’m not proud of anyways cuz maybe someone out there would like it. Even my fav posts I written, don’t get a lot of views despite putting a lot of effort into them and the one’s I don’t care much about surprisingly gets a lot of views.

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    1. I understand that busy thing. I work forty hours a week and then take online classes when I get home. I also go to the gym a couple times a week, play in a community band, and since it’s Lent I go to church a couple times a week. I’ve been struggling to keep up with a small list of shows and watching some older ones.

      Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing your point of view.

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  7. 1) it’s not a race or a competition, never see it as that. I watch far less than my contemporaries. They’ve watched like tons of shows more than I. Narrow down and pick only one or two to write about. Take your time with them. Took me awhile to realise this. Prioritise which show you want to write first.

    2) i did a review and tried to put it on a deadline. I hated it. It wasn’t fun. And yup there was pressure to write it up and put it out. Some thrive on that, I guess most don’t. Don’t pressure yourself in to writing a post, it actually suffers. As Lyn said, trying removing yourself away from a schedule. Or cut down your posting schedule.

    4) This is an odd one for me. I don’t get a lot of views on most of my posts. If any I get the odd high count when I don’t post. If you really want your posts to count, after doing some research. It appears you have to really push that magnus opus post. By push i mean market it really heavily via social media (not spaming). whether you want to try that it’s really up to you.

    5) whilst it is hard to do, try not to scoff at your posts. learn from them. If you want (here comes a little bit of a shamless plug) i can give you a link to my old blog and compare it cubbyhole. You’ll see a difference. Writing may /will be the same, but the approach and atttitude.

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    1. Quit being logical damn it. (*cough*) Thanks for the advice, but changing who I am to be more relaxed is difficult. Believe me, I’ve been trying to be more calm for years. Trying…I think that’s my problem.

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  8. Have to agree with 5). I currently have about 20 draft posts that I could publish right now but (in my opinion) they’re so bad I don’t even want to look at them.


  9. This is way to relatable and an awesome post. I get writers block a lot I must admit, but when I don;t I can sit and write for hours on end and that is what I usually do, just open a new blog post and start writing whatever takes my fancy that day. Sometimes it gets scheduled to be posted by more often than not it ends up being trashed… there are so many failed post ideas I have trashed since I started my blog.

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  10. 2) Pressure to post
    I never have problem in this 2), because before I will create my blog, I questioned myself I need to post every weeks/days or not. And it appeared that I will not. Almost posts in my blog will not allow me to post every weeks, let alone every day, because they are too long to read. Each posts in my blog need enough time to write (I wrote a post that spent time 3 weeks for that post only). That’s why I don’t have pressure when it comes to the schedule. The time I published it is the time when I finished it.

    4) Balance of hard work vs view count
    It happened to me before and it’s not only one time. Almost posts in my blog are analysis that I concentrated to the fullest. But sometimes, some posts in my blog didn’t answer reader’s taste maybe. But the result of this issue made me rethink about it. I got my own answer that I didn’t write for my readers 100%, but for my own purpose to leave my own marks to this world as the first priority. That’s why the low view count might hurt me a bit, I admit, but I still do it although this will hurt me.

    I think I understand your feeling when you are disappointed some posts of yours didn’t give you the proper result, I hope you will find the reason why you write post in your blog for your own sake too.

    5) My post is never good enough
    Since most posts in my blog are analysis/reviews/events, I never be satisfied in my work at all, but it never be the problem either, since if I have something new to edit, I will write more. I don’t think my old posts are just old page in a book, I will improve them better as I want. For example, I still write my own thoughts more in my first post. The only problem I still have and never find the solution, is “my English is suck”. I don’t know how to make this better.

    You are not alone.

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    1. I try to make my blog posts for myself and attempt to say that getting an audience doesn’t matter to me, but sometimes seeing this post I spent a few days on writing not get any views still hurts you know? I do write about the things that I want to write about, but still…

      Thank you, from all the reactions I’ve seen from this post I know I’m not alone.


  11. Great post. You highlight the darker (kind of) side of anime blogging very well.

    I watch subbed anime almost exclusively and I manage time for 2-4 episodes per day while posting on a daily basis. The pressure is definitely there but it’s also rewarding so it’s like being caught between two forces. Then there’s also the time it takes to catch up on other bloggers’ posts…

    Though I do avoid seasonal shows for the most part so that’s one thing I don’t have to keep up with. I don’t think I could to be honest. I’d burn out in no time.

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  12. As a new blogger, I found this post to actually be very encouraging, especially your first point. Sometimes, it takes me FOREVER to get through a single episode of anime. It’s worse with movies. That’s why I tend to watch things more with a group of friends, but that’s not always an option. I’d also like to add that choosing to do livetweets can slow this process down too.

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    1. Yay! Glad you found it encouraging. The biggest challenge of being a new blogger is maintaining the motivation to keep going. If all of this doesn’t scare you, then good.


  13. You are so right about catching p with other people’s blog posts.
    I think I understand your feeling when you are disappointed some posts of yours didn’t give you the proper result, I hope you will find the reason why you write post in your blog for your own sake too.

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  14. This is true. I just started blogging about anime, doing reviews and stuff, and sometimes there is some pressure to write. Even though almost no one checks out my blog, it’s like there is a voice in my head saying “Write a review write a review write a review”. I’m glad you made this!

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      1. That’s cool! I have a friend who looks at my blog from time to time, and she’s read all 3 of my reviews so far, so I guess hopefully I met get noticed by Society~Senpai XD


  15. Very intriguing post. When I was just starting out as an aniblogger, I must confess that indeed I have experienced many of your points here. However, I gradually learned not to treat myself too hard because it’s not good for my motivation when it comes to blogging. I see blogging as a marathon, not a sprint. As long as I’m consistent while taking my own pace, I’ll get to where I want to be eventually. If I exhaust myself trying to micromanage everything, I’ll burn out eventually. I think that I’m fortunate that at this point of time, my stats still maintain its climbing pace even when I take regular breaks from blogging.

    Scott, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re a good blogging and you involve yourself in the community. We know you and you’re not an a-hole. Anyway, nice post. Cheers!

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  17. Lol I have experienced eveything from the first day. Though, I would say its a fun experience even if there is only one or two people viewing my content.

    I try to work around by the writer’s block problem by being as informal as possible, just writing what I want to write everytime, it still hits me though, and I believe it will hit me more as time goes on.


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    1. The best part about writing what you really to write about is that you get the kind of audience you want to get. I’m sure you after doing fine. Everyone grows at their own rate.


  18. Exactly how I feel, especially when you pour your soul into a post for only but a select few to read it. As you said, it’s hard writing something you’re passionate about and having it go under the radar; I write because I like doing so, but it’s something everyone can agree is weird and a pain.

    If I had to add one more point to this, networking would be the one. If you want to make blogging a career or to just get your thoughts out more to the public, you have to communicate and be on social media; otherwise, you kill a bunch of your chances, even if your content is outstanding – I’d say it’s more socializing than writing where you spend time. I personally don’t like social media, but that’s the only way I’m gonna get my thoughts out better.

    Anyhow, can’t help but agree here; we always hope people will enjoy the content we provide, especially when we try doing something different.

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