The Advantages of Longer Series

I’m playing devil’s advocate with myself on this one. When it comes to anime, I prefer shorter series with some very few exceptions. Some examples of those are Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hunter x Hunter, and both of Togashi’s works. Most long series last too long, have too much filler from catching up with the manga too fast, or go too far off the deep end and lose whatever promise they had shown in the beginning. Over a large expanded amount of time, the chance of a show failing increase as it goes on and on and on. It’s like looking through a telescope. The higher you set your magnification; the smallest movements can cause such drastic changes. Okay, enough about the negative aspects. Let’s look at the positives.

1) Knowing These Characters

This is one of many examples of how time can be a double side sword. With a longer series, as a watcher, we go on the long journey with these characters. We start watching these little fledgling characters grow into these ultimate bad asses over time in a natural way. We also know their personalities and how they develop. It’s one of many ultimate rewards for sticking with a series for so long. Seeing what drives a character up front and up close is much more powerful to me then seeing it through flash backs.

2) A Well Developed World

Another advantage of a series lasting more than episodes, the world the characters live in gets more heavily explored. We don’t just know about the area around them, but many other sides of the map as well. We see friendly and enemy factions, other cities, a wide diversity of locations and many other things. I mean, we don’t only see these factions, we know why they exist and what motivations drive them as a whole. All in all, it makes the world the characters live in fleshed out and real. It’s scary and awesome how that happens.

3) Understand a fictional world’s politics

After understanding the world the series takes place in on such a high level of detail, it becomes a part of your world as well. In fact, it is possible to understand this fictional world’s characters and politics more than our own. I mean, seriously. How does our world’s work? They teach us the system in school, but real politicians don’t seem to play within it. Since we are given multiple characters’ points of view instead of being stuck as us, we understand their politics better.

4) It Becomes a part of your Life

After getting so deep into a longer series, it has become a daily part of life. It’s hard to live life without it. Something that lasts forever, like years on end, it’s hard for something like that not to happen. These characters and their world matter so much that checking on them at least once a week becomes a requirement because in some way, they exist. In our minds, they are real people.

5) Longer Series have a bigger impact on us

This point is just a summation of my other points. Also, it’s quite obvious as well. A longer series is going to have a larger impact on us then a twelve episode seasonal show. A show that only has twelve episodes goes in and out. I often forget about a lot of them until somebody mentions it again. The likelihood of that happening with a larger series is near zero. Especially after all of the points that I’ve mentioned for me above.

Writing this short post was an incredible experience for me. I’ve seen some of my friends completely obsessed with series like Naruto and One Piece since their conception and this is the way that I can explain their obsession in my own head.  I’m not sure if I was truly successful in the way my friends think, but I have at least found a ground that I can approve of why they like them. Exploring an alternative way to think is fun. I need to do it again some point, but with something different. It also helped me explain to myself why I am still watching Dragon Ball Super on Toonami. I was waning on that because there have been continuous episodes haven’t accomplished anything. This was fun. I need to try this kind of concept again with a different prompt. Thank you for reading, this was fun.


  1. I think most of us have one or two long running series that we just got sucked into and it became a part of us. Mine was Bleach and I agree that it becomes a part of your life. you know the characters better than some people in your real life and you understand how the world works and operates. Of course, all this familiarity and understanding sometimes comes at the cost of a well paced narrative.

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