Spring 2017 Anime First Impressions – Fresh hot fantasy series for $5

If there is something to be said about this season, it’s that it is pretty great so far. I honestly don’t have that many complaints about it. The only major one is that it’s a little too action/adventure focused. I know that standard action series has been on a premium because video game fantasy series have been the name of the game for a while, but you know…why does every single new fantasy adventure series have to appear in a single season? I feel like one of those food vendors who walks around selling food in the stands at sporting events. “Get your fantasy series here for $5. All the fantasy series that you can ever want. All fresh and hot.” I know the obvious answer is just “don’t watch them”, but I’m not going to do that. I like them so far. All of them. That not watching thing is not going to happen here. Besides, I’ve got just enough diversity this season to make it all not feel the same to me. Like I said, I’m pretty happy with this season so far.

I decided to handle all of my first impressions in only two posts this time.  Doing first impressions in my usual way would be too tedious for how many shows I’m watching this season. (Twelve, the count is twelve). This is just an experiment to see how it goes. Now that I think about it, a lot of what I do is experimentation. Whatever, it’s how I live.

Attack on Titan Season 2

Ape Titan.png

I see some people complaining about how Attack on Titan is slow this season, but I kind of like it. I like how there is just enough action to keep me interested and yet there is also some good characterization going on. While the first part of the first season was interesting and fast, the series’ characterization was lacking because of it. The second half felt like a long slog. This second season feels like a perfect balance between the two. It also looks as beautiful as it could be and animated incredibly well. I also feel like these first three episodes are building up to something great and I am can’t wait to see what it is. Why is this only twelve episodes?

My Hero Academia Season 2

my hero academia season 2

Despite its lackluster first episode, which was more recap than anything else, it’s execution has been prefect so far. I mean, My Hero Academia is as shonen as shonen series come, but that’s in no way a bad thing with this series. It’s a massive celebration of all that is shonen and that’s why I like it. The current arc is a tournament arc which is interesting combined with a school festival. That means what is going on is just basic character vs character stuff, but the characterization of the side characters is so much better than last season. That makes me care about what is going on even more because I don’t want any of these character to lose, yet I have to. The animation is also some of Studio Bone’s recent best, which is saying a lot, and it’s just colorful and wonderful. I’m glad this show is sticking around for 24 episodes. It is the perfect Saturday morning cartoon show.

Berserk (2017)

Berserk 2017.png

Yeah I know what a lot of you are thinking. It looks like crap. Yeah, it still kind of does, but it has improved a lot since then. Also, the story and characters are still pretty interesting. I do admit episode three felt like it jumped ahead a whole bunch, but I’m fine with it. What is going is still comprehensible and I just like seeing Griffith again. (Griffith did nothing wrong). It’s still far from being flawless, but I want to know what happens after the Golden Age arc. I’m not much of a manga reader and this is probably a bad adaption of what is in the manga, but its good enough for me. I’m a Berserk filthy casual and that’s okay with me. I don’t get to play that part very often.

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

Bahamut virgin soul

This is dark fantasy series number three for this season. Why? Because demons are enslaved by humanity and Gods no longer have any bearing on the fate of humanity. I like a lot of things about this series. One of them is that the protagonist is a female and provides a whole new perspective to fantasy series in general. Another one is that everything is portrayed with multiple sides to it. Human kind is prospering because the way the recent king is ruling. There is also the fact that demons are enslaved for human kind’s interests. Cheap labor means mankind can build their society easier and freer. Lastly, the production values. This show is beautiful on an artistic level and an animation level. I hope that studio Mappa can keep it up because this a two cour series.

Re: Creators

Re Creators.jpg

At this moment, I don’t have a full grasp of what is going on with this series, but I am heavily entertained by it. Yes, the concept is simple. Fictional characters from many types of fake universes enter our world and fight each other in a very fate universe sort of matter. Yes, there is a villain that seeks to rebel against their creators in order to improve their current universes. Yes, I can make a prediction of where the main villain is from based on the hints that we are all given. At the same time, I wish to understand why this is going on. While the characterization of each character is good and the art style and animation are amazing, I wish I had a solid understanding of why it is all going on. Because there is no way, it all seems sort of pointless to me. I’m sorry guys, I can’t take this one on a mere surface level. I hope  the other twenty episodes present a justification of why what is happening is happening.

Kado: The Right Answer

Kado the right answer.jpg

This is going to be my sleeper hit of the season, I can feel it now. Why? Because it fills up so many check marks of what I look for in a series. It’s a thinking man’s science fiction show about mankind’s first encounter with aliens, the world is already well developed, the characters are pretty alright, and the cg isn’t too bad. A lot of good qualities and I can’t wait until the next episode where I get to see the start of how this situation is going to resolve itself. So excited.

Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest.jpg

This show fills up my slice of life spot for the season. I like this one because it’s not just characters hanging out for the sake of hanging out, the main character has a goal which drives the story forward. By doing that, it feels like I’m not wasting my time. I know that the plot is basic and I know where it’s going to end up. Sakura quest is your basic “character doesn’t want to be here, but ends up loving it” sort of plot, but I like it. The execution is good and our main character is incredibly relatable. Especially for people like me who have applied for what seems like a thousand and one jobs and have got into one that isn’t what they were looking for. Good show so far, give this one a watch.

Tsuka ga Kirei

tsuka ga kirei.jpg

There isn’t that much to say about this series besides it being a slow romance story between awkward people. So yeah, this is fills in my romance anime for this season. I just like a lot of the things about it. I like watching these awkward teens slowly build a relationship together in an incredibly realistic and relatable way. It’s just incredibly pleasant and none of these characaters are horrible or annoying. Even the “competition” characters for the “main couple”. This and Sakura Quest are the two shows that ground this season for me because there isn’t that much that is fantastical or beyond our normal reality about them. That’s not a bad thing at all, encase you were wondering.

And that is it for now. Besides Tiger Mask W, I have three other shows that I have said anything about yet because I’ve only watched one episode of them so far. (Tiger Mask W is still amazing by the way). That is enough to share what their premises are to me, but I want to make sure what I think about them right now is completely validated. Another episode can change my opinions of them easily enough and I just never know. I mean, my opinions of these shows might change soon. This is only a first impressions post after all. Anyway, I hope you guys had some fun reading this post. If you disagree with how I feel, please share with me in the comments below. I like seeing different points of view from different people and having discussions. Once again, thank you all for reading.


  1. Do you pick shows to fill certain categories? Or whatever appeals to you? Just wondering because for sakura quest you said “fills in the slice of life category” and same with the romance category. Not that it’s a bad thing; I just thought that’s kind of a neat way to make sure you cover all your bases…I could be reading this wrong though..lol

    Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL, that’s kinda cool! I may adopt that way of thinking at some point…it’s rare to venture out of my genre..which is why I often used the MAL challenge to help me get out of my comfort zone.


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