Signs that you have watched a lot of anime

Hey everyone. I have recently passed the five hundred series gap on MAL and a lot has been on my mind since then. The first thing is thinking back on all the series that I watched and how my tastes have changed over time. The second and more important thing is how anime has affected my thinking since watching a ton of it. I mean, one can’t get through a large amount of something without it having a massive effect on how one things. That is just how everything works and is the concept behind this post. How I approach other animated or live actions works is completely affected by my love of anime and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It gives me a new perspective on how I feel and think about everything. That’s about it.

1) Hour TV episodes feel too long:

This is something that has hit me recently. Sometimes there are live action tv shows that take too long to get to their main points of what they are trying to achieve. This complaint is more focused on AMC shows then most other networks, but they are incredibly slow paced. Everything they did in that one episode could have been packed into 20 minutes and nothing would have been lost. Now shows like Agents of Shield and The Expanse take advantage of their runtime to give the audience a lot more plot developments. I wish this was the same for everything else.

2) Filler episodes and content

This one is obvious. Whenever there are episodes of a live action or western animated series that aren’t connected to the overall plot, we know what to call them. Filler. There, done, easy. Even hour long episodes have a little bit of content that doesn’t need to be there. While that can be considered development stuff too, it can also be considered filler. It’s a word that was introduced to us because of anime.

3) Classifying characters by anime archetypes

Once again, this is incredibly obvious. When you see a character with a love hate relationship with someone, they are automatically a tsundere. Characters like Hannibal from Hannibal are yanderes. Just anime character classification for everyone else.

4) The want of more variety in content

Since many of here are seasonal anime watchers, we get a bigger grasp of a larger variety of anime then a lot of other people. Since we have this large amount of variety in anime, we expect it in everything else. While a lot of live action tv is monotonous, there some shows with unique concepts out there worth watching. Watching anime has made me want to seek out more interesting and unique things and I’m glad about that.

5)Endless comparisons of anime vs everything else

Okay, this is the final attachment of two of these other points. I completely realize that. After watching way too much anime for a normal human, I can’t help but compare anime to everything else. For example, a live action show with 12 episodes in a season has one cour. 24 Episode season but split in half? Split two cour season. It’s obvious, but I can’t help it. There are many other things to like, Iron Fist was so incredibly anime. Warrior monks and business stuff put together. What isn’t anime about that.

So yeah, this post didn’t get as much traction for me as I originally thought it would. I originally had a whole lot more ideas for what to put in this post, but I started questioning that after a while because they didn’t’ make sense to me. Still, I’m pretty happy with the result here. Thank you all for reading this post despite its lameness.  The next two posts I wrote should be a lot more interesting. I promise.  As usual, if you have any more ideas, please share them in the comments section below.

7 thoughts on “Signs that you have watched a lot of anime

  1. I know what you mean about the 1 hour episodes. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. typically does a good job with it, but most shows focus on padding too much. 30 minute anime episodes is the perfect length for me. The filler angle is also why long running shows can drag on like Naruto Shippuden. At the same time, long running shows can be the best ones if they’re handled well since they have a lot of time to develop the characters and get you used to the universe. At least 8 out of my top 10 shows are long running ones

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  2. I constantly have to stop myself from making anime references all the time ever since that one time I tried referencing Psycho-Pass in a philosophy lesson…

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