*insert clever sun pun here* The Sunshine blogger award take 2

I would like to thank Shoujo from Shoujo Thoughts for nominating for this award. It makes me pretty excited, much like this person who seems to have boundless amounts of energy in their posts and their anime recommendations. J

– Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
-Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
-Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
-List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post and/or your blog.

Shoujo’s fire questions:

1) Close your eyes and think of a random scenario in which you feel incredibly physically comfortable and emotionally contented. Can you describe it?

The moment I can think of is when sight reading music in any sort of band that I’ve played in. Sight reading is what it is called when we play a piece for the first time and it’s always so relaxing for me because if you do it incredibly badly, nobody cares because it’s your first time playing this song. Zero effort was put into this piece by anybody, so we are all playing it fresh. I am always at my happiest moment when doing this because we already see this musical group get its grove together even if it’s the first time we touched it. All just awesome stuff with no care in the world.

2) Do you think that potatoes should be considered their own food group?

Yes in fact. There are so many types of potatoes and they aren’t like any other vegetables or whatever food group they are apart of.

3) Multiple universes theory: yes or no? (Also, Heaven, if you believe in it, existing beyond the 4th dimension?)

I’m a Christian, but I also have studied a lot of engineering and science stuff so I am all for the string theory as well. So yes, yes to multiple universes theory. Also, yeah, heaven exists beyond the 4th dimension. It’s not something that we can fully understand.

4) Pick one Yuri!!! on Ice character to fit into each category: adopt, marry, and make your bff!

Adopt: Yurio
Marry: Mila Babicheva
BFF: Any of these characters on screen, because they all seem like awesome care free people. Even JJ.

5) Do you like pickles? If so, what kind? If not, how do you feel about Alexander II, Czar of Russia?

No, I don’t like pickles.  I also feel like Alexander performed a large variety of social reforms that were needed during that time period. It was the age for it and he went with the flow.

6) Do you think that we will, we will rock you? Alternately, what would you do if you just realized that you were hopelessly in love with a track-competing, football wielding college-aged sports superstar intergalactic hero, but you were on a seemingly hopeless space mission during which you had only 14 hours to save the world? (

I hope not, you guys are scary people.

Just go with the flow. If watching anime and other things for a long time has taught me, it’s that that this person will fall in love with you/me/whoever because we are the different one. Senpai will notice us eventually.

7) If there was ever a time in your life that you felt truly chilled to the bone in a single moment, can you describe it here?

Dang it, this is hard for me because I am a very rational and logical person. The only time I can think of was when I lived half the country away from the my parents and wanted to contact them badly, but couldn’t on any sort way so I was extremely worried about them. I only had this bad and unrationalness because of some bad things that happened in my life a short time before it.

8) Would you ever consider moving to Madagascar to study the lemurs? How about just a visit?

Moving there to study the lemurs? Nah. For a visit, why not? Sounds like fun?

9) What was/is your favorite subject in school? At which are you best? Which is your least favorite? At which are you the worst?

My favorite subject has always been history. I am the best at any math focused kind of studies. My least favorite subject is biology. I was the worst at gym because I am not a physically fit person. Even now, I would suck at it.

10) If you could have met one and chatted over coffee with them before their death, would you have chosen David Bowie or Alan Rickman?

Why would you make me choose between these two? Who are you, the devil?

11) You’re trapped in a room and won’t be lot out by your captor until you agree to watch 13 episodes of one or the other: a reverse harem idol boy anime or a moe girl idol title. Which do you pick?

I don’t know, I would have the captor picked for me. I would have had an answer until the word “idol” appeared. I just don’t like any sort of idol stuff. I’ve tried, but I haven’t found a single thing that I liked yet.

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My Questions:

1) What is it about anime that draws you to it?

2) What is your favorite vegetable?

3) What is your favorite outside activity?

4) What is your favorite insider activity aside from watching anime?

5) What kind of pillow do you prefer sleeping on?

6) Favorite pet?

7) Are you in college or what is your job right now?

8) Favorite anime series

9) Favorite live action movie?

10) What brand of shoes do you wear?

11) Mac or PC?


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