Arguments about anime don’t make sense

Hi everyone. Welcome to the end of my least favorite day of the year, April 30th  (that’s when I started writing this post). I won’t get into major detail about it, but just know that it’s a big day for reflection and remembrance. If you really want to know, dm me on twitter. Anime, of course, was one of the topics that I thought about the most. Especially about arguments that people about series. All in all, they all feel incredibly pointless. For one thing, there is a lot of uncertainty about it. There are so many factors behind a person liking a series and who are we to judge? This is beyond a question of being objective and subjective, there are many reasons why a person could find a series that some other people feel like trash appealing. There is no grading rubric or well defined system of critics for that. Those people that call themselves critics on youtube or on a blog post are not the end all and be all.

Let’s talk about uncertainty for a little bit. What if people are down in the dumps for one reason or another and they watch a series that makes them feel better. This series is full of enlightenment them and helps them feel better about who they are and how they live their life. Then, imagine this person posting about it in a blog or make a youtube video about it with glowing review. Next, imagine a multitude of commenters tearing down this wall of happiness and opinions. How would that make you feel? We never know why people like a series the way they do. It could be because of an emotional attachment like that or it could be they like it because they like it. Who are we to judge people about that sort of fact? This is why I try not to be incredibly negative on this blog. The position I try to go for is positive, yet critical.  Why? Because it’s so easy to be negative and harder to be positive and I like challenging myself?

How is it easy to be negative? Well, let’s think about how easy it is to hate something. Thank about a person that you hate and list everything you hate about them in your head or piece of paper. Incredibly easy. Now, list actual good things about them. It’s a lot harder now isn’t it? It’s the same for everything else. If I wanted to, I could list every single thing that I didn’t like about the first cour of Sword Art Online. Yeah, the one that most people actually like. I chose not to because it’s an easy thing to do and get a lot of attention with, I don’t want to add anymore negativity to the anime community, and I don’t want beat an already dead horse. I could also mention how I couldn’t stand the first episode of Re:Zero. Oh god, I shouldn’t have said that. Now you guys know. You didn’t hear anything *jedi mind trick*. But yes, we should try harder to be more positive. If we have reasons to be negative, give good reasons other than “I hate it because I hate it”. Constructive criticism is always good, depending on the delivery.

If there is something that we should do more, it’s adding more positivity to this community. That is something that is strongly lacking. So many people are at each other’s throats due to either trolling or lack of social graces. We need to encourage people to watch more anime. If somebody likes something that you don’t, don’t yell at them telling how wrong they are. Kindly suggest some other shows they can watch as well. If they don’t want to, then don’t force them into it. This is a community of individuals that have their own taste. As bloggers, we all understand that. We express our thoughts by typing on our keyboards putting our thoughts onto digital paper for all to see. We aren’t robots either and we shouldn’t treat our readers and other fans like that either. If we want to change this community for the good, then we need to try putting this in motion. OWLS blogging group is doing a good job at bringing acceptance and diversity to the forefront of this community, but we don’t need to be a part of that group to do all of this.


  1. I agree!! There is so much negativity going on when people are talking about certain anime. Criticizing is okay, because you come up with reasons why you didn’t like it, but sometimes I see people saying I hate it this is awful without any reasons… makes me sometimes a little bit angry…

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  2. I completely agree with this post.

    I more or less take the same approach to my content as you do. While I have a very contrarian mindset and have a lot of bizarre opinions that are bound to have people disagreeing with me, I never present anything in a negative or condescending fashion nor do I deliberately attempt to provoke people into arguing with me. Why would you?

    This community is already ridden with negative nancies as it is, and I have no intention of adding more fuel to the constantly burning fire.

    People need to come to accept each others opinions, and stop bickering. Luckily the blogging community manages to keep things tame for the most part.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. i feel like im less a proponent of purely positive discourse and more a proponent of having reasoning behind things. i also dont really like this hard line between negativity and criticism. every negative comment has a reason behind it. but if the reason is not being given, then discourse is pointless and i dont have a motivation to engage in it. as such, it’s not that your opinion is wrong, but rather that you’ve failed to convince me to agree to it or accept it.

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    1. I guess I’m trying to emphasize reason. “This sucks” doesn’t help anyone. “This is bad because *insert logical reasoning here* helps a lot more. Same for positive comments. “Best thing ever” isn’t as valuable as ” this is really good because *insert reasons here*. So yeah, purely​ positive and negative just causes controversy and is pointless.

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      1. yeah, i agree on emphasizing reason. ive just been part of communities that squash any kind of dissent and i think that’s an unhealthy extreme. i understand the push for a nurturing environment, but i dont agree with accepting every opinion to avoid conflict

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    2. I feel like Scott’s article did point out the importance of reasoning, but also in not placing your own experience above someone else’s. The core of the message, to me, was that attacking a person or even a work is pointless, because you can’t accurately place yourself in their position to understand why they liked or disliked something.

      What you can do, and I think this is where your position comes in, is expect a reasoned argument when they present their opinion either way. If someone loved a show that you hated, look at why they loved it and see if that’s something that first and foremost makes sense in their context. If the argument is unclear or misinformative, you can fairly challenge it.

      If it’s merely something you don’t personally resonate with, then there’s no point in discourse, let alone argument.

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      1. that’s kinda what im saying, but i would argue that the idea of an position making sense in the context of one person and an argument that doesn’t resonate with you aren’t mutually exclusive. if i consider the argument from the other’s perspective, it may make sense even if it’s not the reaction id have. in that situation, i wouldnt dismiss the argument. but i would assume you’re saying that the discussion doesnt need to go further, which may be true.

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  4. It’s the internet, and anime fans are often the most obnoxious to deal with. I’d say the default thing and be like “the comments don’t really matter”, but it can cut deep sometimes. But yeah, sometimes we just need to filter out the bad ones. I often think about why this person is going to so much to just be negative, and I realize he must be having it tougher than me. With that mindset, I end up just pitying him than hating him. Hey, hate has to end somewhere and I don’t mind taking some of that for others personal growth. XD

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  5. There seem to be this weird mentality, not just with anime, that if you like something, you therefore think it’s good and if you don’t like it, you therefore think it’s bad.

    It would be nice if more people were able recognise that something they don’t like can be good and something they do like can actually be…not so great.

    Perhaps, then, discussions would amount to a little more than “You’re stupid if you like/hate this.”

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