Tsuki ga Kirei: of Romance and Cell Phones

I’ve seen a lot of good Tsuki ga Kirei posts recenty and I’ve decided that it is about time that I’ve made one of my own. No. I’m not doing this out of spite of because I think my opinion is better then everyone else. I would never say that because that is so out of character for me. Truth be told, I was planning on writing this post in the near future anyway, I just didn’t know when. I decided the time was now because otherwise I would probably never get the chance to post it this month. Seriously finals week is approaching and I have a lot of homework to do and a term paper to write still. Those things take up a lot of time. If I didn’t work on it now then there is no other hope of this appearing on time.

To get the basics down first, Tsuki ga Kirei is an underrated gem this season. The only two complaints that I can think about it are the pacing is a little slow and the show doesn’t have the production values it needs for background crowd scenes. That’s it really. The character designs are good, the characterization of our main characters is excellent despite the fact that they are shy introverts, the side characters are decently fleshed out, every moment our main couple is together feels real, the problems that they are facing feel genuine, the facial animation is great, and I can go on and on for a long time. The main theme that I am working with this season and probably further on is that a show being slow is not a bad thing. If anything, it means the writing is incredibly meticulous and worth it in the long run.

Tsuki ga Kirei’s main themes seem to be youth and modern technology. In other words, teenagers using their cell phones to communicate and do whatever. Using the Line app for example. In the first couple of episodes, the teenagers using it were able to use it in order to communicate and organize their student festival events. That racing events and some other cool stuff. If anything, this is one of the few anime that gives a positive view point of cell phones and technology and negative views on them from adults. During the school trip, the teachers tried their best to take away the students for some reason. Every student tried to hide their phone by putting them in spots that the teachers would never look. Snack places, with their female hygiene supplies, and one even hid their phone in their underwear (which must has been very, very uncomfortable). Seeing the crazy things these teenagers had to do keep their phones was kind of sad. But hey, that’s teenagers these days. Gotta stay connect to those inter tube things.

The Line app was fostered the affection between our two protagonists Kotaro and Akane. These awkward teenagers would never have gotten together if it wasn’t for this app. Except for some key moments in the anime, these two can barely talk to each other in person. They learn more about each other and comfort each other through this app. That doesn’t mean these two aren’t working on that though. I was completely shocked when Kotaro asked Akane out, because that was a brave step for somebody like him. They are even starting to talk to each other more though, albeit in a place that is completely hidden from everywhere else so they aren’t hit by their social anxiety as much as normal. Seeing both of these characters googling how to date someone was fantastic and kind of adorable. I look forward to seeing how these two will interact in the future. These two seem to be meant for each other right now though they are only exiting junior high soon. Who knows what is going to happen to them next? This is only one stage of their lives.

If anything, I think that Tsuki ga Kirei also has a minor commentary on how the advancemet of technology has affected us as a society. This one has a more positive light and uses two people with a high degree of society anxiety as the example. That just goes to show you that there is a lot more going on in this series that a normal viewer would think. The slow pace is just one minor argument for all the themes and characterization that is being pushed through Tsuki ga Kirei. If you haven’t started watching it yet please do. Right now is a good time to catch up with it because there was just recap episode this week. Besides, there is only six episodes out right now. That’s a little more than two hours in watch time.

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