(First Impression) The Reflection + Current Seasonal Rankings

It is apparent now that I am a huge sucker for anything Marvel throws out lately. Even Anime. Agents of Shield still has me by the ropes at the moment, I am up to date on all MCU tv shows and movies, and now I am watching this. I don’t know how, but Marvel is something that I want to know more about because I understand what DC is about, but Marvel still eludes me. But hey, you aren’t here for comic book talk right? Maybe not because you are here for this show, right? The Reflection is an interesting product of when Marvel and Studio Deen team up together. That’s why I didn’t include this show with the other reactions. I have more to say about this show and I only watched an episode of it at that time.

If there is one thing I wish, it would be for this show to start either with episode two or have a double episode premiere. Episode one was all about action and Episode two has all the character stuff. I understand why. Episode one puts the audience in the perspective of the crowd around all the fighting. It works ok, but getting attached to these hero figures we don’t know anything about is really hard. While episode two isn’t perfect at any level, at least we know more about them. Not only a glimpse at our heroes, but a little bit about the villain’s motivations as well. Nothing perfect, but at least there is something to grab onto. This is only the beginning of the story, so that’s ok. I wasn’t expecting everything to be given out now. Then there would be no point in watching anything.

I have seen a lot of people complain about The Reflection’s animation, but I feel like I know what it is going for. Admittedly yes, the animation is far from perfect and is very choppy. If you have ever watched a motion comic, that’s what it’s like. I’ve seen the Invincible Iron Man in motion comic book form and The Reflection is still leagues better than that. That’s the point of all this though. The Reflection is a comic book that has somehow made its way to being made into an anime. I can dig it, but I don’t think that this is something a lot of people who watch anime are going to accept.

At this moment, I see a lot of potential in this series to go somewhere. Still, it is rather unfortunate that this series airs on the same day as My Hero Academia. A series that not only is insanely popular and has a lot of traction right now, but is playing around with similar themes as The Reflection. It’s going to be hard to separate the two. I hope this anime does something to separate itself in the future.

At this moment, this is where I put the shows I am watching this season:

Watch Right Now:
-My Hero Academia S2
-Sakura Quest
-Made in Abyss

Then These:
Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul
-Restaurant to Another World

Maybe These:
Welcome to the Ballroom
-Knight’s and Magic
-The Reflection

I only picked up five shows this season, but I am still watching 9 shows. How strange is that?


  1. After My Hero Academia, Welcome to the Ballroom is my second fave anime this season, the only thing that sucks about it is the damn pay wall of Anime Strike -_- I mean not everyone can afford that ridiculous price and I can’t justify it for just one anime, so I am sad to admit I have gone elsewhere to watch it and I am not proud of myself for that. Sorry for going on a bit of rant there, you can delete this comment if you want. The Reflection I will check out when I get a chance simply because of two words Stan Lee.

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  2. Nice to see you’re watching quite a bit this season (including the leftovers).

    Sadly I haven’t been too keen on The Reflection so far, but I’m still going to be watching it through to the end in hopes it picks up for me!

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    1. Yup. Watching nine series is enough to keep me in the loop of some stuff, but also allows me to watch older shows.

      I hope it gets better too. It’s barely gotten anywhere yet so I hope it gets interesting.

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