Knight’s and Magic has some problems

I have been enjoying this anime quite a bit, despite all the problems that I feel like has. From a lot of perspectives, this could be considered another isekai light novel anime series. All the tropes are there.  The main character is still a little bit of a self-insert character (being reincarnated into another world after death is the same thing as being transported to another world), most girls are fawning over the main protagonist, and it’s set in a fantasy world. If this series wasn’t focused on building mechs and mech combat, there is a high possibility that I wouldn’t watch this at all. Not because it’s a light novel adaptation, but because there are quite a lot of problems in how the story is being told.

Knight’s and Magic’s story telling is insanely stream lined. Everything is very stream lined and need to know only. Something that Remy Fool called Fast Food Story Telling. (Yes, I read other people’s blog posts) Basically, action is put into the fore front and almost everything except the essentials. There is almost no character development, no time to get attached to any of the side characters, the political system is barely commented on, and the world is barely explained. The size of the world was only explained before a huge incident occurred which forced two countries into possible conflict. If the two topics of robot development and robot combat were put into the fore front, the series would have nothing special about it or just be a nothing series.

The worst part of this aspect is Knight’s and Magic relies on character tropes to get the story across instead of actual character development. Knowing them by their stereotypes instead of actually knowing them completely sucks. Then there is also the magic system. I’m sure that the light novel has this well established and complicated kind of magic system, but here we only get “it’s like programming”. Yes, the protagonist used to be an ace computer programmer. So what? I would like to know the specifics of how it all works. It sounds interesting. I might actually look at the source material to see how it all turns out. Maybe this anime is saving me a lot of problems because it doesn’t want to show me cliché light novel things.

So despite all these problems, why am I enjoying this series? I can think of two different reasons. The first one is rather bad, because I find myself filling in the missing gaps of what is going on with my mind. I have seen enough mech anime to fill in the political and character stuff in my mind, but that still makes it seem like every other show. Kind of lame. The second reason is because this show feels targeted at me. I love mech anime and the main protagonist is a mech otaku who wants to build and fight in robots. My kind of guy. Moving forward, I am not expecting much improvement in how the story is being told, but this is my kind of trash. I just wish there was more things I can fawn over this series then “giant robots” and “fantasy world”. It’s making me miss Vision of Escaflowne.

4 thoughts on “Knight’s and Magic has some problems

  1. While I’m enjoying Knight’s and Magic, I’m also not overly enthused about it. If someone asked me for an anime recommendation, it wouldn’t be that, and really if I stopped watching it, I wouldn’t really miss it. It’s basically fun while watching but lacks anything that would make me hold onto it in my mind after the end credits.

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