Taking a Week Off

Hey Everyone.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am going to take the next week off of blogging. The past two work weeks have been more exhausting then usual because almost every shift then mine took vacation time which put a lot more strain on mine. I came home everyday without any energy, so my usual after work activities like blogging and going to the gym have been affected by a lot as well. I feel warn out and need a break from all of this nonsense.

Since I am taking time off of work this week (I only work two days) because I have family showing up at my house, I decided to take time off of blogging as well so I can recharge my batteries and get ready to go into blogging with even more energy and excitement. It’s a staycation, so I will still be around and it’s not like I’ve lost my love of blogging because I haven’t, but everybody needs to take a break and recharge their batteries every once in a while, right?

There will still be posts coming up. I have something scheduled for Thursday and a special post scheduled for Monday, so it’s not like I’m gone. It’s not like I post everyday or anything. I also planning on talking on twitter still and even answering comments if I get them on here, I just don’t plan on writing for a week or so. Thank you all for understanding.



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