Voltron Season 3 Thoughts


Why was this season cut in half? Seriously? Netflix, what are you doing? Seven episodes is not enough for this show, it needs its usual twelve or thirteen. That’s the most disappointing part of this season. The usual characters are there and they are still great. There is even a conflict that puts strain on the group itself (the end of season two/disappearance of Shiro) that adds more dynamic to what is going on, it’s just more of Voltron with these characters trying to save the universe. On that front, there isn’t that much that I can say about it. On another front, there are some new additions in this season that made some aspects better than the other two. This isn’t going to be a full review because I would repeat everything that I wrote in my other posts about the past two Voltron seasons. (See those here)

The best part of season three for me was the fact that the villains played a more active role. With the introduction of Prince Lotor, Zarkon’s long lost son, more chaos starts for our crew. After the end of season two, the Voltron crew had it easy for a while. Zarkon is asleep and because of that, the Voltron crew was able to move around and spread their influence without being check. That all stopped when Lotor took to the scene. He and his very interesting crew played a more active role in ruining team Voltron’s plan then Zarkon ever did. He took to the seen under the false banner of peace (more like forced peace). This is such a massive change from the previous season and that was something that truly distinguishes it from the previous two seasons. That’s why it’s a shame that this one was cut in half.

One of my favorite things about Voltron is that it fully understands that it’s a science fiction series. It does all the strange exploration of things from the unknown. There are strange races that live in different ways then humans, so we get some exploration of that. There are also other things like giant space malls or weird space things that we don’t understand. My favorite episode this season was what could be called “the mirror universe” episode. Something that was completely Star Trek with a dash of Farscape. This is a universe that the Altean Empire thrived by programming the other races to be peaceful. So basically, this is the Terran Empire of the alternate Star Trek Universe. Did I mention that I was a nerd today?

Lastly, the last episode answered a lot of questions that I’ve been wondering about for a while. The backstory of the entire show. We finally see why Zarkon wanted Voltron so bad last season and where his partner came from. We see their motivations and everything. This is something that I’ve wanted since the beginning of the show, so it’s so strange to not get it in the way that I wanted. Why was this a season ender thing? I admit that this would be a perfect season midpoint because it adds a lot to the drama that is going on, but still. What the hell Netflix? I don’t want more Voltron next all the time, I want everything connected to make sense. I don’t mind having to wait longer for a new season to have the full season there.

So is Voltron Season 3 still worth watching? Hell yes. Great character growth and development with some cool fights and interesting plot things makes it completely worth it. It’s still the same Voltron season, just cut in half. If you haven’t seen the series yet, give it a watch. It’s very good.

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