My Favorite Cliché

If there is one thing that I don’t understand, it’s why people automatically claim that clichés are bad. Yes, there are bad cases of it. Especially when you watch another isekai video game anime and see where all the tropes are going without any creativity behind it all. It’s all about the execution. There are some reasons why clichés exist. They are a part of an established formula that works and captures the audiences’ mind. It all starts with something new and innovative that really blows the audiences’ mind followed by people copying the idea to the point where a certain story element becomes common place. Thus, a cliché/trope is born. Still, like I said before, a cliché isn’t bad. I mean, I am about to tell you my favorite one, right? Yeah, I finally got to that. Introduction paragraphs are tough.

It’s such a small thing, but my favorite cliché is the group comes back together toward the end of movies or a tv series. Sometimes it’s at the very end, sometimes it’s when the group finally confronts the final villain together.  I’m not sure if that makes sense to normal people. The best way I can explain it is after going through a huge ordeal and has that whole “adventure continues” feel to it. Whether or not the thing continues doesn’t matter, it’s the fact that heroes are continuing that matters. Or it can be used differently. Especially in the case of an origin story. In that case, that’s when the hero group finally joins together to realize what each person can do together. Now that is a cliché as old as time, but I love it to death. It doesn’t matter where it comes from either. It can be anime, movie, a tv show, a book, or whatever media out there that does something like this, I will always like to see my main hero group join together.

I feel like I can talk about my favorite examples of this for ages, but I’m going to try to not to. The easiest example that I can think of is at the end of the Avengers movie when all of the heroes stand together to confront Loki. No, not the famous rotation show, the one where Loki said he wanted that drink now. Then there is that fun sequence from the movie A Man from Uncle(I love this movie)when the main three people are finally given their code name and the camera pans on them in a certain direction (like they didn’t want to).  Focusing more on anime, the best sequence that can fully encapsulate this is at the end of the badly named Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie (good movie though). After the end credits, there is a scene where section 9 is sitting outside in full gear watching sakura blossoms. Then, the major gets the call that section 9 has been approved, so they roll out. Equally awesome and hilarious at the same time and even more powerful since Section 9 was separated for most of the movie. For my last example, there are the final moments of Samurai 7. Knowing that not many of them are going to come out alive, all seven of them fight to save the village. It was so full of awesome and sadness at the same time, which is why it was so powerful.

So no, after all this, I don’t think that clichés are inherently bad. I also don’t think that it’s clear black and white either, it’s a spectrum scale of grey. This is why I don’t understand those characters that go “that’s so cliché” like it’s a bad thing.  (Thinking of that one character from Your Lie in April). Just because a show goes a typical or corny route, doesn’t mean that it’s doing it in a bad way. As long as the show commits to doing clichés and executes them well, then it doesn’t matter if the show isn’t original. As an anime fan, I know that I’ve seen many shows that have done similar tropes, arcs, plots, and character types, but I liked all of them anyway because there was something special about them. For my final thoughts, don’t lie to me and say that you don’t have a favorite cliché. I bet everyone has one.  If you don’t, that’s okay too I suppose.

So what’s your favorite cliché?

11 thoughts on “My Favorite Cliché

  1. I wouldn’t say there’s a particular cliché I like but I love examinations and deconstructions of well known collections of tropes ( Edgar Wirght films, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, One Punch Man, Ouran, Gintama, etc.). They’re not necessarily just parodies (although most of them are), but they blatantly show why a cliché is so overused and/or effective in storytelling. But yeah, they’re usually just fun to watch/read/etc.

    I think clichés are only bad when multiple are played so straight that you’d be able to say exactly what happens just from reading a list of clichés that appear. Every work of fiction will include at least a couple of clichés not matter how hard you try to get rid of them.

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  2. My favourite cliche is the damaged character slowly being healed by their encounters with others (which kind of explains my love of Natsume and March Comes in Like a Lion). I don’t like instant healing, or total recovery, but that slowly finding strength and resolve through meeting others is a cliche I can really get behind.
    In honesty though, cliches don’t bother me except when they are used as a substitute for good writing. Using a trope without understanding why it works or how to use it leaves me feeling pretty indifferent to annoyed by it whereas another show might do the exact same thing but work it so much better into their story.

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    1. Awesome, that’s a good one too.

      Also, yes this. When cliches are used without any understanding behind them, then the product feels so manufactured and fake. Yuck.


  3. I’m actually a very big fan of this cliche myself, particularly when it involves the group coming together to talk on a group of villains in on each final gauntlet of epic battles.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Hunter x Hunter (2011) both did this extremely well and are two of my go-to examples of how awesome this can be.

    I also agree that cliches aren’t inherently bad, and think it’s absurd to say otherwise. It’s not about uniqueness, its execution, and if a “cliche” idea is executed in the best way possible, it’s totally fine.

    As for my favourite cliche, I’m not sure if this “counts”, but I always tend to favour the whole underdog story where the protagonist starts out completely useless and grows into someone amazing by the end. I’m especially a big fan of this when a romance is involved too, particularly if said romance ends up being the driving force behind the characters self improvement and growth.

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  4. I have TONS of favorite cliches! I actually have a whole list soon-to-be-published as a blog! (Self-ad: you should check it out later) I like the tsundere cliche, the happy ending cliche, the each-villain0is-stronger-than-the-last cliche…
    What I really love about this blog though is that you pointed out that people normally hear the word cliche and be like “Oh! Yabai!” I really wish that mentality will change >_<

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    1. Oh, sounds fun!

      And yeah, more people need need to have this mindset, but it’s never going to happen completely because they can be abused to death and back. Hollywood does it all the time.

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  5. What a fun trope to pick! I think that my favorite example of this particular one is Digimon. Pick a season, any season, and the party of adventurers always splits up throughout the narrative, only to come join forces once more to face the final boss (or, as often happens in the first two seasons, come back together multiple times to face smaller bosses).
    As for my own favorite cliche, I’m a sucker for school festival episodes where characters learn a great deal about one another and themselves through random crisis that they must solve together.

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