Summer 2017 in review: Part 1

Since some summer series have ended and other shows that I am watching have a week or two before they ended, I’m splitting my thoughts up on shows from this season. I’m not sure how many parts this will be, but there will be one more. This all depends on whether or not I want to wait on the Reflection, because that has three episodes to go. Why couldn’t that special thing start airing around the time that everything else started airing? That’s rather annoying.  So anyway, with not much further to do, let’s dig into some thoughts on some shows that just ended.

Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest is about a character named Yoshino who applied or a lot of jobs in Tokyo somehow ends up becoming the Queen of a small town named Manoyama. The job is just a figure head title, but she is basically the head of the tourism board in hopes of helping this town grow. Of course, as soon as our protagonist figures out what the job actually is, she tries to leave. Over the course of the series, Yoshino eventually falls more in love with the town and makes friends with four more girls who join her in order to save the town.  Do they? You have to watch this show to find out.

This is a strange one to talk about. To start this off, the story is good and makes sense, the characters are alright (thought they need a lot more focus on them), and each individual arc has a lot of strengths to them. It’s just the fact that there was never any real drama in the show. Each problem that the main characters face was solved in about five minutes most of the time, so this show was almost tensionless. There is also the fact that there was more focus on each individual arc plot then the characters. The show felt a little stale at times, because the characters were more there to move the plot along then to do anything most of the time. Yes, there were character moments and each character was well defined, but Sakura Quest never played to this strength often. Maki was my favorite character, because each of her episodes had so much more personality to them and you can really see her grow. I can’t say that for the four other characters. That being said, I had a lot of fun watching this show and it is good. It’s just lacking a lot of the things that made Shirobako special. If you like that show, watch this one too. If Shirobako is a steak house, then this is like a Red Robins or whatever burger joint is in your general area. Both are still good, but one is obviously better and more refined than the other.

Restaurant from Another World

This anime is just about a restaurant from another world. The title is very literal here. The restaurant is like an item or place that shows up in a basic Dungeons and Dragons world. The standard episode is cut into two parts. Each part Is named after a food type that a guest showing up and eating the food that is on the title after the audience is fed a back story about the certain race or character that is showing up to eat food today. That’s it. Nothing huge, but it’s so comforting. I enjoyed unwinding and relaxing every Monday by watching this show. If this sounds like something that interests you, then go ahead and watch it. If you don’t, then that’s ok. You aren’t missing out on much by watching this show. I wish the show allowed the guests to interact more. I know that isn’t the point of the show, but seeing people from different races and backgrounds talking about what makes there food better than the others or whatever was interesting. It provided something interesting to a very formulaic show.


Where do I even start with this one. Remember that post I wrote about how meta this show is? Yeah, that still applies. This show is like a Fate series, but if the masters were people that worked in the anime, manga, or video game industry and the servants were the most popular characters from their works based on audience opinion. That’s not a perfect 1-1 simile, but it’s enough to describe what this show is to the uninitiated. Keep an eye on the term’s similar to audience approval, that’s a major theme of this show. So basically, this show uses the fate formula to be all meta and talk about the creative process and how the audience reacts to it? Does this show succeed with this idea? Sort of.

If there is one word that can sum up all the criticism that I have for Re:Creators, it’s clunky. This show doesn’t have a defined structure. A lot of episodes could be described as “dialogue episodes” where all the characters do is talk and then “action episodes” where the dialogue still appears, but has a lot of awesome action like a magical girl fighting a sword wielding female bad ass and there are a lot of awesome combinations like that, including things like giant robots being thrown into the fray. The themes and intentions of show are good, but there has to be a better way to get them across to the audience. The ones who are watching the anime watching the anime, not the ones who are just watching the anime. That second one is just too normal and boring for this show.

Then there are is the last five episodes that are more like a shonen series, kind of like the entire season that the Z fighters were fighting Freiza before Goku showed up. Characters over power the antagonist, antagonist gains a new power, rinse and repeat. All of this is kind of disappointing, because show had so much potential, but it just didn’t know how to use it. For instance, the characters are great. Even the dialogue heavy scenes where it’s just still frames and characters talking had well characterized dialogue that only each character could say, because they all had their individual voices. This is what made the last episode great. There is a lot of good here with messy execution. So yeah, it’s still decent and well worth the watch just to see how meta anime can be and all the themes presented in the story. Just not anywhere near the word “perfect”. I want to see this creative team make another anime, because this is just their first one. Just the fact that this is an original work is enough reason to watch this show, I think.

So here we are, some alright and watchable eshows in a very BLAH kind of anime season. The really good and really bad stuff will come later in PART 2.  Watch for it to appear when those other shows end. *wiggles fingers dramatically* Until the next post 😀


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