Updates and Blade Runner Black Out 2022



Hey everyone. Since Blade Runner 2022 doesn’t have enough material to make a decent sized post out of, I decided that this allowed me enough room to talk about what’s going on with me. For the most part, it’s all same old same old. I work forty hours a week plus over time, I go to community band, do some gym stuff sometimes. The biggest thing that has happened is that I am back to school kind of. I had my first lecture tonight and boy that made my head hurt. I don’t think this should affect my barely existent blog schedule, but homework is a thing that does exist. (If you want to know what the class is called, it’s Theory of Elasticity. Should be a fun time). Anyway, just wanted to let you know just encase I disappear from the blog world or don’t post as often. Thank you all for understanding, unless you aren’t understanding. Then I suppose you can just be angry or something. I don’t know, this get kind of awkward.

Admittedly, this is a filler post. I am waiting for a few shows to wrap up so I can write a part 2 post for seasonal things and I recently watched The Garden of Sinners films (not including that eighth movie, but blah). I am mentally still digesting how I feel about it because I don’t have that singular “this is good” kind of opinion on it right now. All that will happen next week, I think. No complete promises though.

Blade Runner 2022 is an anime short directed by the famous Shinichiro Watanabe who worked Cowboy Bebop and many other works. It’s only twelve minutes long, which doesn’t allow for any specific names for characters, but you can at least feel their individual personalities and their grievances. This is your standard machine apocalypse kind of story and it only feel s special because it has the name Blade Runner attached to it. The beginning was characterized by the Nexus 6 replicants being replaced by Nexus 8’s that have human life spans. Human kind was outraged by this and then the lynch mob campaigns began. So the rest of the short thing is gaining a little more backstory about the conflict and the last remaining Nexus’ gaining revenge. That’s about it really. It’s short enough that if you haven’t the original Blade Runner, then it’s easily forgettable.

From a graphics perspective, this short is absolutely gorgeous. There are a few art style shifts, but they are effective because this short only has a small amount of time to get a big message across and they work well in that regard. The background art does a fantastic job of capturing the magic of the original film from a setting point of view. The direction and art style sold the massiveness of the building around the city and that was all great. Since this is based on a live action film, all the characters designs are well grounded and realistic looking with some of the fashion choices of the original film. Oh, and the action is well animated and well-choreographed too. All the characters had a lot of weight to them and it was amazing.  I know that I keep saying “same as the original film”, but that’s really important considering that this is an anime that takes place between two live action films. Is it strange that an anime of a live action thing is more faithful and interesting then live action adaptions of anime? Probably.

In the end, I wish this was a part of something like the Animatrix or Gotham Knight, because this feels like something meant for that. Where are all of the other animated shorts?  I want more of these to fill in the gap or add some interesting angle to flesh out this universe more? I say all this, but I am not sure if I want to see the new film. Each trailer that comes out makes the series feel more and more basic from a story perspective. That’s just me though. I can be difficult to please.


    1. There is a reason for that, blade runner is a major Ghost in the Shell Influence.

      Thank you, I’m nervous about this one, like usual, so I need all the support I can get.


  1. I was never really all that excited about this animation. Probably because I’ve never sat down and watched Blade Runner. Good luck with life stuff, that’s always important. Looking forward to your future posts when you do have time though 🙂

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    1. I wasn’t excited either, but it’s still fun.

      Thank you. I just hope this class isn’t going to kill me. So far, it references a lot of things that I’ve used years ago…so I’m trying to get into that same mindset again…

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  2. Best of luck with your studies. I can sympathize with how a packed schedule can affect blogging. I finish my shift at 6pm and sometimes work on the weekends too, so finding time to write and watch things to review can be tough.

    Maybe I should watch this animation to motivate myself to check out Blade Runner. The movie sounds like something I would like, but there are so many different cuts out there that I don’t know which one I am supposed to watch.

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