Summer 2017 in Review Part 2: The good, the eh, and the ugly

With this weekend, the summer blah summer season has finally come to a close. It’s been a very weak summer for me. If you found more enjoyment out of it then me, that’s fine. For me, I found only a few shows that started airing this season to be worth my time and most of those shows turned out to be pretty blah. I won’t say that they didn’t leave a strong reaction from me, as you will see in a short amount of time here. I just wish that studios put out there bigger and more ambitious products on this season, because in the end it felt like it was a desert. Okay, enough waffling, let’s get to the goods starting with the bad shows first. Why? Because I want to leave a post on a good note.

The Bad

~Knight’s and Magic

Following the similar concept of Tanya, Knight’s and Magic is a show that involves a mech otaku and computer programming genius dying from an accident and being reincarnated into a fantasy world. Yes, it’s another isekai story (blah). The world this guy ends up in is a fantasy world that has both mechs and magic. Imagine that, the title describes it all. The mechs are this world’s replacement for knights, so they are standard sword and shield mechs. Of course, since our protagonist is a mech otaku, he suddenly changes the mech world by bringing one innovation after another, which changes the world those unwilling participants and civilians live in drastically in good and bad ways.

The worst part about this show is its story telling. This show should have been two cours. Some people like Remy called it fast food storytelling in the beginning, but I am going to be innovative and use the words “fast forward” instead. You have to use your fingers and toes to count the amount of times the show skips forward months at a time, which means skipping over all the good political stuff and character development that could have made this show great. It’s not as bad in the middle of the show where more time is spent on developing mechs then being in conflict, because I am a degree in mechanical engineering and I love seeing this kind of stuff in a mech show. Then an actual conflict appears and the story type of storytelling is used, which means this war almost feels tensionless. We already know who is going to win and there is almost no point to it, especially with no character or drama to it all.

Then there is a special part to this that I hate. I hate that the last battles were just flying in the sky and laser spam stuff, while the most interesting fights were on the ground and involved sword fighting and stuff. It’s that Gundam SEED stuff that I hate. I hate it when mechs just fly around and beam spam each other. To me, that shows that the pilots don’t actually have any skill and really on their mechs and advance technology instead. That’s a big no go. I always love that grounded sense of combat when it feels like enemy pilots have skill as well and the pilots need to work hard to win. (This is why Universal Century is best Gundam time line).

~Rage of Bahamut: Soul

Ten years after the first series, a young girl named Nina travels to find work to send money back to her home village. Part of the reason why she was “trained” by Favaro to become a bounty hunter. Nina is a young teenager with a very bubbly personality who can turn into a dragon when she gets too horny from looking at hot, young males. Yes, a sex metaphor. Following her arrival, she suddenly gets entrapped in all the problems the city is facing, humans first dominance and demon slavery, an evil king who rules with an iron fist and other things. *yawn*

I honestly don’t understand why this show even exists. It is beautiful from a graphics perspective, but that’s about it. The writing is bad and full of padding, there are almost no good action scenes, the new characters are stupid, boring, and don’t learn anything, the main antagonist is such a non-character, yet Nina is put into a forced romance with him for some reason, the demon racism was just there for nothing because apparently it was all forgiven in the finale, the finale how no suspense and revolved around an instant win, and I can keep going if you want me to. Guys, don’t watch this show. There is almost nothing good about it, especially toward the end when people started getting killed off FOR NO REASON AT ALL. While the original Shingeki no Bahamut didn’t have much of a narrative structure either, at least it was an adventure show that just needed well written episodic stories. This one required a good arc that NEVER HAPPENED. EVER! Even in the first half. Whatever you do, DO NOT WATCH THIS ONE EVER. There is no point to it. The only thing of value that happened was a small scene at the end of the series that helped Favaro’s development. That’s it, nothing else. BLAH. I’m done with this franchise.

~The Reflection

This is the latest Stan Lee anime project with Studio Deen. Three years before the series started, there was an event called the reflection which resulted in random people acquiring special abilities. Follow the adventures of Eleanor and X-On as they travel around the United States of America to stop the villain called Wraith. Wraith is acquiring the reflected from the Allen family for some reason, and it’s up to X-On, Eleanor, and some other people to stop them. Oh, the series also has four Japanese school girls in it for some reason? *arm shrug*

I realize that this show has one episode left, but it’s a dud. One more episode isn’t going to change that. If you asked me about it five weeks ago, I would have told you something different. That was when X-On and Eleanor were traveling from one place to another to stop villains from getting certain people. More people were added to hero group and it was a lot of fun. Maybe a little dry on an emotional level, but fun. Now, I can’t tell you that. Ever since the crew appeared in LA, everything has gone to hell. The villains goal may have been vague before, but now it doesn’t make any sense at all. Even having the villains explain their goals right to our characters doesn’t help, because their plans still don’t make any sense. I’m sorry, but the end result here is just blah.

The Good

 ~Made in Abyss

I know that I gushed about this series enough already, especially in this post here, but I can’t help it. I need to talk about this show. In the world the series takes place in, there is this almost endless pit that travels underground to who knows where. It’s kind of like a Dante’s Inferno sort of thing because there are different layers that have their own specific environments, creatures, dangers, and many other things. All that being said, Riko, the normal human girl, and Reg, the part human part robot thing, are on a journey to the bottom of it. A dangerous journey just to see Riko’s mom, if she is still alive.

I know that I talked about this show before, many times before, but all of that good talk still applies here. It still has great characters, a great story, great setting, along with beautiful art work and animation all the way through. It does have the creepy child nudity thing still, but hey, it doesn’t affect the series that much. The other small complaint I have is that the show slowed down during the last three episodes. I know that this was a thing due to circumstances, so it’s a small thing. Especially with such an emotional journey like this one. I was also glad to see that Riko and Reg started traveling again with a new partner now. Please watch this show, it’s amazing. I just wish that a second season was immediately possible, but apparently the show almost caught up with the manga. Oh well. What we had was great!

~My Hero Academia Season 2

Guys, this is a second season to a shonen action series. Do I need to explain what it’s about? It’s so good too. Great characters, good story line, great action scenes, and so many other things. While each arc was short, I am glad about that fact because they never over stayed their welcome. All of them had their impact and just left for something new and interesting. While I admit that this show isn’t original at all, it’s execution is just astounding. The only complaint I have is Mineta. He’s the only thing that is hampering this show right now, because he’s a pointless character that doesn’t add anything to the show. Please give this show a watch when you can, because it’s totally worth it. It’s emotional journey by itself is just great. This show has gone beyond the level of the first season in so many ways.

Seasonal Rankings

~Watch Right Now:
-My Hero Academia Season 2
-Made in Abyss

~Then these:
-Sakura Quest
-Restaurant from Another World

~Only if you really, really want to:
-Knight’s and Magic
-The Refection

-Welcome to the Ballroom (might change with second cour)
-Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul

And that is that for this summer season. See you all in the fall for a hopefully more enjoyable and interesting season. Thank you all for reading my rants and opinions. I hope that they were entertaining.


  1. I’ll have to check out Abyss. I haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy anime for awhile but I’m really excited, especially after hearing the Dante’s Inferno parallel.

    I haven’t enjoyed Summer anime since that Summer with Nichijou, Hanasaku Iroha, And Anohana…

    Hell of a Summer, I think it was 2011?… that Summer Anime line up was LEGENDARY.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should, it’s really good. I want a second season to happen sometime soon, but it probably won’t. Still, possible anime of the year pick right now.


  2. Still a bummer how Ballroom didn’t turn out well. Still want to give it a try at least when I can. These rankings were about what I was expecting from you overall but I enjoyed reading your thoughts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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