RWBY Volume 5 Premiere Event

I mentioned this on my post last Wednesday, but last Thursday I went to a fathom event screening. It was a special premiere event of the first episode of volume five of RWBY. After a hard work week and a busy life in general, it’s nice to sit back and watch something that I learned to love with a good crowd. It was a small reward, because I still had my online class that I had to watch the next day, so my whole schedule was ruined slightly, but it was all worth it. RWBY is a show that I learned to love and watching it on a huge screen with surround sound and the fanbase of it with people from around the general area I live in was a lot of fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The adventure started with driving to the movie theater. I picked up my friend from his house, and with the coordinates to this movie theater on my phone’s gps (I don’t go to this theater very often), we headed on our way. Since the event was occurring at night, I already had to pay attention to the road more because of the darkness, but suddenly there was a down pour. I had to slow down, even with my wiper blades moving as fast as they can go, because I was barely able to see the lines on the road and hydroplaning didn’t sound like a great idea either. As my friend and I discussed along the way, this was a test of our resolve to go to this event. I would like to note that as we drove home a couple hours later, the down pour got a lot closer to our houses.

Just sitting down at the event was a lot of fun. I didn’t know at the time I ordered the tickets, but my friend and I sat next to the only two RWBY cosplayers at the whole special screening. I wish I asked for their photographs at that time, but I am always kind of nervous about that sort of thing and I just wanted to go home. Yes, encase you were wondering, the two were Ruby and Yang. This set the tone of the premiere for me, because the audience was just a lot of fun to be around. There was a lot of talking about the show with some people playing music from it and singing. Its just a good time all around. After sitting around for this crowd for twenty minutes, the premiere started.

Since paying $10 for a twenty something minute episode would be considered a rip off, the premiere showed off the last three episodes from volume four beforehand with some commentary from the creators. It may not sound like it, but it’s a great recap sort of thing for those of us who haven’t watched the series in a while and it was nice seeing how much thought the director and the staff put into different elements of the show when writing this series. Also, this was a great way to getting used to seeing the show on a big screen. While the experience is great, the severe animation and resource limitations were highlighted more then usual. You can tell that this was a series that only meant to be watched on a tv or smart phone screen. After the episodes, the two shorts that were released at that time were shown as well and finally, the premiere started.

RWBY Volume 5 Episode 1

RWBY volume five episode one had a fantastic mixture of comedy and uncomfortable. It was also a new setting type of episode, so no major action elements occurred in this episode. It was all character stuff, which is fine for me because these characters are great. Also, like season four, this episode was split into four parts by following all four members of team RWBY on their own individual adventures. Yes, I agree this can be annoying from time to time, but I don’t mind it. In some ways it’s good. It fleshes out each of the characters and more elements of the world of revenant. World building is always a good thing for me. On the other hand, having four points of view going on at the same time severely slows the show down a lot. The only solace I can add to that fact is that all four members are going to converge at the same point eventually in this volume. I don’t know when it will happen, but every character feels like they are going to appear in Mistral and Haven on their own eventually. .

The main plot line of this episode focuses on Qrow and team RNJR. They are new comers to this strange environment, so we see this city and Haven through their eyes. By going the scenic route to see the principal, we see how lavish and beautiful the city of Mistral is. Even if it’s through well drawn still frames, the message was still clear. This was a happy place. Then, when the Qrow, Ruby, and crew make it to the school, there was a severe tone shift. For starters, the entire school was empty so there was a very eerie feeling going on. Then the talk with the school’s principal, Lion Heart, was even more unsettling because it was obvious to anyone watching that he was being held back by something. (If you have watched the last scene of RWBY Volume 4, you may know what that is). After a heated discussion, team RNJR returns to where they were staying and QROW hits the bar where he finds a special some one.

Then there were the short storylines with the other three members of RWBY. Yang had some fun bar adventures (she was drinking water) on the road that may lead her to some spooky happenings and adventures that will eventually let her meet up with Ruby and crew, Weiss was on a cargo plane she paid on her way to Mistral and Haven to catch up with Winter, and Blake is still in menagerie at the moment with plans to take back the White Fang with her family and Sun. I can’t wait to see how all four of these elements finally get together in this series. It looks like this adventure is going to be a lot of fun with a lot of scary and uncomfortable elements in-between.

From a graphics perspective, not much has changed since volume 4. That’s fine with me, because volume 4 was already a huge upgrade from any of the previous volumes and I doubt that volume used this software up to its complete potential. In the end, after such a great viewing experience and such, I’m glad I became a fan of this series recently. 14 episodes this time too. Can’t wait to see where it all goes.

5 thoughts on “RWBY Volume 5 Premiere Event

  1. I’m impressed how RWBY has only improved with each passing season. Excited to see how volume 5 plays out as well. The theatre experience is always great, didn’t get to go to this event but it sounded like fun 🙂

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    1. I know right? As a person who has watched it all in a short amount of time, the quality increase is great.

      And that’s why I like going to the movie theater when I have a chance. Especially when it’s to watch things with a crowd and with people I know that I will like. It’s a lot of fun.

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  2. I only just got into RWBY myself thanks to a Twitch Presents marathon that recently happened. It piqued my interest so I binged all of the episodes through 5-2. It’s really an awesome series and I aim to buy the first 4 seasons for Christmas to show the rest of my family. Watching the premiere in theaters definitely sounds like a lot of fun. Hopefully they’ll have an event like that near me for season 6.

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