Kino’s Journey (2017): Episode 5 – Liar, Liar, pants on fire

I’m beginning to think that this series is following the opposite of the adage of the older Star Trek films. You know, the whole “even numbers being good and odd numbers being bad” thing. From what I’ve seen before, this show has had three solid episodes (1,3, and 5), one really bad one (2), and one I’m still conflicted about (4). I know that this series is a random selection of favorite countries from Japanese fans of the light novel series, but somehow this is the resultant product of this series so far. Whatever, I’ll take it. Episode 5 is not an action focused episode, but that’s what I like about it. It’s a very simple episode that relies on the strength of its writing and story, which is what I think that this certain adaption of Kino’s Journey’s strength is so far.

So anyway, this episode starts with Kino and Hermes visiting a museum of a former traveler who became a great leader. Nothing is what it seems. For starters, the museum is only a house. Then the two are shown objects that were used in this particular traveler’s journey, but they make notations about how none of those objects are used in the way they are described. Lastly, the best part of the beginning of this episode is when Hermes and Kino meet an old motoradd. One that talks like Hermes does. Even if it’s displayed in honor, the motoradd is humiliated by the fact that it needs to stay in one spot. Kino and Hermes offer no answers to its predicament, but lead a young boy toward talking to it.

Then there was the major portion of this episode. Kino enters a country through a very specific gate and is told to return to that gate when leaving It by guards. Then, out of nowhere through the forest, a man runs to catch up to Kino. He immediately asks her and Hermes if they’ve heard anything from his true love. By talking this villagers, Kino and Hermes learn that this man is a major figure in this country, because he ran the revolution, but he lost his mind due to killing his lover, the former princess of this country. Some predictable spoilers, the man’s house keeper/care taker is the former princess and the man isn’t as crazy as people think he is. Simple episode with a simple story behind it.

This episode is a good commentary about how a few lies keeps people happy. Yes, it’s wrong not to tell people the truth, but there is a balance in this country that is maintaining itself through people lying about who and how they are. The strangest part about all of this? Every party involved in this episode is happy. The villagers seem to live happy lives, the house keeper lives a happy life, and the man is living happily as well. Telling one person the truth would ruin this delicate balance that is keeping the country afloat. Compared to last episode, this is one is very low key. I don’t have much to say other then that’s more like it. More thoughtful episodes like this in the future, please. See you all next Monday, probably.


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