Kino’s Journey (2017) – Episode 7: Guns, guns everywhere

Ok, I’ve been trying to not let it bother me for a while, but this Kino’s Journey series is really starting to irritate me. Why? It’s inconsistent and because it turns into badly made self-insert fiction half of the time. (It’s only half, because episode three partially counts). I don’t know about you, but singular almost non-characterized people changing the fate of an entire country just because they can doesn’t sit well with me at all. It’s incredibly unrealistic, I don’t like seeing people play god whenever they feel like it without any resistance from that country at all, and I don’t want to be reminded about gun issues my country is having and not dealing with on any level in media that I am trying to use to escape real life with. If I see another episode of Kino like this, I am dropping it as fast as I can and changing my blogging schedule around. It’s honestly getting that bad for me. With that all said, let’s talk about this episode.

The most interesting part of this episode was the beginning. This is when we see a glimpse of Kino’s training. She walks into a cabin with her pistol in her hand ready to fire and sees a glimpse of an older woman cooking sausage. Kino looks away for a little bit, notices that the older woman is gone from that spot, and Kino suddenly has a gun to her head. We hear a bang, and then the flash back stops to where we see Kino eating a sausage. That was it, the most interesting part of this show for me. After that, the rest of the episode is Kino telling Hermes a story about her master. A story that revolves around her master and her current apprentice visiting a country that has a large and corrupt police force.

This story starts with master and apprentice entering this country with many jewels intending to sell them. The master figure waits in a hotel room, while the apprentice tries to sell them off.  Of course, the apprentice is later charged for selling legal drugs that he doesn’t have, so the police force took all the goods that he had and then the police arrives at the hotel room to let the master know about it. Then we cut to a scene with the master trying to get her apprentice out of the prison cell with some bribing involved. (This is the scene where we learn that the giant police station was once a palace, though that doesn’t play into the story much at all.) That leads nowhere, and it’s supposedly decided that Kino’s master will leave this country after having one final talk with her apprentice.

Now we get to part where all hell breaks loose. Kino’s master never leaves the country and instead distracts the police around the building, gets her apprentice out, takes a lot of the weapons and ammo from the police armory, and the two making their way to the top of the watch tower. After spending three days and three nights shooting at police officers in the knees, because it’s a fate that is worse than killing, and just wiping out the police force in general and gaining money for their troubles, the two are told they can leave. We then cut to Kino and Hermes entering this country in current day. We notice that there are a lot of older people walking around with limps and a statue dedicated to her master and apprentice. After talking with an old man, which Kino jokes about his knee, and it seems like that was the event that took the corruption out of their country and everyone seems happier now. UUUUUUUGH.

I’m sorry, but that was just bad. Not in the whole “this episode wasn’t as good as any part of the 2003 series bad”, but “what the hell is wrong with this series” bad. I have been doing the best to separate this series in my head, so this badness is all this 2017 adaption’s fault. At this moment, I don’t think that this series knows what it wants to be, or it doesn’t have the resources to be what it wants to be. If this show wanted to be an actions series, it has not shown any capacity to be that. Also, each episode has been a mixed bag. I have been realizing what kind of series this would be from the moment I heard that this series would be from the fan’s favorite countries, but at least having a central emotion or tone the series would be focused around is good. It doesn’t even have that. What is this series trying to accomplish? What feeling, or thoughts is it trying to provoke? I guess we will all wait to see this show’s episodic post and watch fate with the next episode. See you all next Monday, I guess.


  1. Wow. I didn’t realize how much the Kino remake has devolved. That episode has loads of unfortunate implications from what I gather. As soon as I read that Kino and her master shoot at a ton of cops and getting away with it, I just facepalmed given the gun issue in America and it reminded me of the double standards in the justice system. That episode sounds like trash.

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      1. Gotcha. Sorry for being temporarily confused. I meant to put the other character there, but the plotting just frustrated me. After liking the original, I was just appalled about the situation. I guess my emotions did cloud some of my judgment with all the stupid stuff going on in this remake. Hahahaha!

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