Dragon Ball Super Opinion Update (as of episode 41)

I feel strange about this, but I’ve been looking forward to Dragon Ball Super more and more recently. It’s grown on me a lot since it started airing. I won’t say that it’s a complete thumb up show yet, but it’s changed from a meh side-ways thumb to a three-forth’s thumbs up. So yes, very watchable and pretty enjoyable at this moment. Hopefully getting better and better all the time. This show has exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways and apparently it hasn’t even gotten to the good stuff yet. I’ve been looking at a lot of cool things from Dragon Ball Super from the episodes in the hundreds and I’m pretty excited about it. Still, it will be such a long time before I get to it and that’s ok. I like having something to look forward to; it keeps me invested.

The things that have intrigued me about Dragon Ball Super come from the tournament between the warriors of the sixth and seventh universe. Let’s talk about the sixth universe fighters first. All the special abilities that the people from the sixth universe were very refreshing and interesting. Even the sixth universe Saiyan brought something new to the table for our characters. I do have to say that the Frost being like Freiza thing was incredibly obvious, but everyone else was fun. I mean, there was a giant robot for crying out loud with thermodynamics actually becoming an issue for Vegeta. How often have you seen that happen in Dragon Ball lately? What about that sixth universe Saiyan? Seeing Vegata actually train somebody was incredibly interesting and brought a new level of dimension to his character. Let’s talk about Hit as well. Time stop in a dragon ball series? So unique and interesting. It’s nice to see our fighters think beyond the simple “let’s fire lasers against lasers and punch really first and fly in the air against people who punch really first and fly in the air” rut that this franchise has been stuck in for years. It’s like seeing the best parts of the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z combined together. Good show, Dragon Ball Super.

The other part that made Dragon Ball Super refreshing was the pacing. It is paced a lot more like a modern shonen series now (MHA, Noraagmi, etc).  Most of the fights were kept to one episode. How crazy is that? Those one-episode fights maintained the maximum impact that these one on one fights can provide and ended when they were needed. Even the fights that latest more than one episode did this. There were a lot less panning shots and a lot more action and fun characters. Each episode also cut off at the right point to get the audience interested in what was coming next. Yes, Dragon Ball Super doesn’t completely follow a modern shonen battle pace all the time, but it’s improved so much in this regard. I mean, something happens each episode now. This show can’t be explained by “this one thing happens in this episode and this other thing happens this next episode”. Awesome stuff with some great changes.

I have some complaints too. It’s the fact that this tournament actually didn’t have any stakes to it. Yes, the sixth and seventh universe Earths would be switched. That doesn’t mean a single thing to our main characters. Why? Because nothing would change from a normal Earther’s perspective. Maybe our dragon ball characters would know, but so what? There is also the fact that even more Gods are introduced. I mean seriously? DON’T we have enough already? What is the point of all of them? There is a god for the god who has a god named god whose nephew is a god. That’s a little too much, don’t you think? How far can this go on? Then there is Goku. While Vegeta is developing in some interesting directions, Goku is the same that he has ever been. Maybe even worse, since he’s characaterized as that dumb guy who is insanely good at fighting with not much nuance to his character.

So yes. Right now, Dragon Ball Super has gotten pretty okay.  It definitely reminds me of how I felt about Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z when I watched it on Toonami years ago. There is always room for improvement and I hope I see more of it as this show goes on. I am not expecting more from this show in the future though. That’s it for me right now. Talk to you guys about DBS later in its run on Toonami.  Probably after the next arc is over.


  1. The sequence of the tournament is quite predictable. You can already predict who will win or lose in every battle. What is even more expected is that, Monaka’s surprising route which pretty entertained me though. However, what I didn’t expect was Beerus’ wish to super Shenron. Overall, the arc is fairly good. The anime is making its potential to bring the best from it.

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    1. I’m ok with something being predictable as long as it’s executed well. This tournament arc was executed pretty decently. And yeah, Monaka’s route was pretty great. Decent stuff all around!


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