(Post of Christmas Future) Ideas needed: Creating an Anime Tag

Ok, I recently came up with an interesting idea that I need a little help brain storming. We have all seen those general blogger tags, right?  Well, this is something that I want to create for blogs that have a particular focus on anime. Also, I wanted to start this off when my blog becomes two years old in January. I am starting this early, right now, so I can make sure that this is something that I actually accomplish. I live a busy life like the rest of us, so I don’t know how much time I will have to devote to this for the next month and a half.

Cutting to the chase, my idea is based on the 2018 Winter Olympics. I was thinking of going completely in that direction at first, but I think I’m going to make it more general. It makes it more fun that way and makes the tag a lot more all-purpose and all seasonal. Having a focus on the Winter Olympics would only weaken the point of this tag.

Here is the part where I need help in brain storming. What are the top five things you think anime is good at? This could be anything on the character level. Not only action scenes. What about character designs or something like best girls. An olympic tsundere off would be the stuff legends. Best anime cast is something that I say would be an interesting idea too. Knowing me, I am probably going to put in something to do with giant robots in it, but that’s not all I wanted to do. I’m only going with five, because the Olympics have five rings. That’s it, that’s my reason for it.

To help me out, please comment your ideas down below and spread this thing around as much as you can so I can a lot of varied opinions. If I have some trouble making it all connect, I am thinking of making an “Olympic advisory council” to help me out with it too. If you are interested in me contacting you about this, please let me know here or dM me on twitter.

I don’t know if this will become any sort of success, but it’s worth trying. I want to kick off my next blog year with something special, so this is at least one of a few things that I want to do. Let’s call it a special project. Scott’s 2nd blogiversy project.


  1. That sounds like a great concept. If I were to have a 5 ring parameter for what I like about anime it could be the following in no particular order.

    1. Unique story ideas
    2. Larger than life characters
    3. Animation quality/techniques
    4. Universal appeal with topics and plots
    5. Influencing other animation and live-action films

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  2. This sounds like a really fun idea! Hm, what about anime aesthetics? There’s such a variety of different styles of anime. Some stand out to more than others, i.e. Mob Psycho. so like art style maybe? I think that’s something anime does well in. If I think of anything else I’ll send you a message! 😀

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  3. There’s already an “Olympics” of sorts for moe girls called the International Saimoe League (as much as I don’t dabble in waifus, I know this much). There’s the 5 Flaming Hotties for both dudes and gals, so you could always cover tsunderes there…

    Ah! Outfits. There are so many high school anime out there that you can’t go without having a favourite set of high school uniforms in anime, and there are also cool non-school-uniform outfits and there are also questionable outfits, so you can run crazy with that. Knowing you, you could do mecha pilot outfits or something.

    As Zel says, character designs/artstyle could also be a good option.

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  4. Hm… I guess anime is good at
    1) Making slice of life stuff appealing, interesting and worth watching
    2) Employing cinematographic tricks and angles that wouldn’t be possible in live-action stuff.
    3) Having an unlimited stash of great OPs, EDs and OSTs in general in temrs of sound and visuals
    4) Sometimes providing shows so bad you wonder how could anyone release that
    5) Having quite a lot of incredible VAs.

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  5. Sounds like a fun project! I hope it goes the way you’re hoping!
    I almost just like the idea of a tag for people to talk about the top 5 things they think anime is highly successful at. But if I were to actually be somewhat helpful and answer your question properly, I’d say:
    1. Covering a wide range of topics, enabling it to open discussions about complex and simple topics alike.
    2. Speaking of variety, anime is great at offering a wide range of genres, from sports to Mech to slice of life.
    3. Giving foreigners a look at Japanese culture, even if it’s a generalized view based on majority norms and consumerism.
    4. Offering artists and fans alike a new medium to start conversations, explore complex topics, and express themselves.
    5. Being beautiful and interesting to look at (generally speaking).

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