Space Battleship Yamato 2199 – Episode 4: Require More Minerals

This week, we see our heroes put into peril yet again. Is that really a surprise? This is a show that revolves around spaceship going on a journey to save the human race and there is a group of aliens, the gamilans, who don’t want them to achieve that goal. Peril is the name of the game for this series for forever. Still, the Gamilans are only a secondary threat this time around.

Spoilers, spoilers abound from here on.

This week’s deal is resources. For some reason, the engine is failing again and requires a rare mineral to fix it. Of course, this discovery happens during an officer meeting for plotting the course the Yamato is going to take to Iscandar. Today’s topic of discussion is whether or not to ignore a distress call from one of Saturn’s moons AND whether or not the group wants to destroy the enemy base on Pluto. Susumu Kodai and Daisuke Shima are at odds against each other. Susumu wants to blow up Pluto for the sake of the human race and Daisuke wants to save check out the distress beacon to make sure they never leave a last sailor behind. Either option would take crucial precious time away from saving the Earth. So naturally, the materials the Yamato needs to repair its engine can only be found on the moon with the distress call. This leads to the main plot of this episode.

This main plot is split into two parts. The first part is Yuki, Susumu, that nurse girl, and analyzer checking out the distress signal. What they find is a lost ship with no survivors on it. The second part is the collection of the necessary metal itself. So each thing goes along as planned until, on cue, the enemy attack. The transport the four took to the distress beacon was destroy and a small squad of tanks attack the Yamato. The four send yet another distress beacon to the Yamato, but the other side needs to deal with their own issues for the moment. That mysterious white-haired girl I mentioned last time, who was in accounting, jumps into a fighter, when everybody else is having trouble doing anything, and saves the day. She destroys some tanks around the Yamato and then goes on to save the four loners. Not before Susumu discovers his brother’s gun and that the fallen ship was the Yukikaze, his brother’s ship.

I just want to ask one simple question, who goes onto a spaceship for accounting. Yes, money is usually an important part of life, unless you are pulling that Star Trek thing were money is mostly unimportant (except for DS9), but the ship is going on an intergalactic journey into non-human territory. Why is accounting important? Now, what we saw our white haired female do in the beginning of the episode was resource management, which is kind of the same, but still different then accounting. Supply management is incredibly important, so maybe the wrong translation was used in this case. Either way, she should have just become a pilot in the first place. It’s obvious that she deserves to be the Starbuck of this series.

This was yet another wonderful episode. The graphics are as perfect as always and the music is always great. We also got to see a lot of side character development (like I mentioned from last episode) and some main character development for our heroes. Despite their big egos that come at odds from time to time, Daisuke and Susumu are best friends. Also, Yuki and Susumu starting to get a little closer with this episode. Everyone else stayed on a neutral plain for the most part, but that’s alright. Not everyone can get character development at the same time. Especially with a show packed with character like this. It feels like each episode has an hour worth of content in half an hour, which shows how great the writing is to be able to handle it all so well. With that, I leave you until next Friday.

This post is apart of DerekL’s Yamato 2199 blog tour. If you want to get in on the fun, watch the show with us (it’s on funimation and crunchyroll) and click this link so you know what to do for next time/friday.


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