Older Shows I Enjoyed in 2017

I am going to do something different this year. I am going to have two or three posts for this year in total. This is partially because of I don’t think I can list five shows that I enjoyed enough to make a list for each season. That just means that it’s all going to be condensed into one post instead. My older shows concept is going to be about the same as last year though. I think that I am going to do an awards post of some kind as well. Meh, all those things will be figured out later on. Now, with little further to do, let’s walk into the older shows that I enjoyed the most this year.

I didn’t dig as deeply into retro anime this year as I did last year, but whatever.

Vision of Escalowne

Oh man, how do I even describe this show? Well, it’s an isekai shoujo show with the world that our heroine appears in is a medieval world that happens to have giant robots. I think that about covers it. I never reviewed this show on my blog, but I did a collab post quite a few months ago with Zel from Archi-Anime on Lita Kino  Anime Corner about it,. You can see that right here. I really enjoyed this show, because it just blew me away. I know that I gave it’s premise sort of away, but how deeply this show dives into its crazy makes it an anime about many more themes then you would expect. Combine both of those with the great character work, and you have something beyond comprehension in quality.

Wolf’s Rain

This show, centered around attractive male characters that are also wolves, looking for Paradise is something that I should have watched YEARS ago. I can’t count with all my fingers and toes how many times I have been told this and how many times I put it off. Well, I finally watched it and it was great. Beyond great. It was emotionally impactful (especially the last few episodes), had a well-developed apocalyptic world and characters, and just felt like something that I haven’t seen before anywhere else. I did have some minor complaints along the way, but they don’t weight down this anime at all. Don’t be like me, give this one a watch.

Your Lie in April

I know that I had a lot of complaints about this show, hopefully justifiable ones, but I’ve done a lot of thinking about this series since then. It’s been on my mind a lot, because it’s just a memorable show that has some amazng moments in it.  I want to rewatch those moments again and again. Not a whole complete rewatch though. In the end, that’s where I put my opinion about this certain series. All the filler aspects and dialogue can be a detriment to the show as a whole, but all the emotionally powerful moments that you can expect to watch make this emotional journey of a show completely worth it. Please give it a try if you haven’t seen it yet. Definitely worth as much time as you can give it.

Angelic Layer

By every fiber of this show’s being, it’s a kid’s show, but it’s an excellently done kid’s show. It features a young girl protagonist that starts her reign in an awesome fighting doll game, makes friends along the way, and spreads positivity through out the land. Still, kid’s shows should never be looked down upon either, because I call those shows “for all audiences”. Angelic Layer’s infinite positivity is something that people need to watch, because this show helped me out when I was feeling down.  Count that aspect along with awesome fights and great characters, and you have a show worth watching.

Heat Guy J

This is another surprise show that came out of the wood work for me. Heat Guy J follows around a young detective protagonist and his steampunk robot partner as they solve crimes around the city of Judoh. Just like Angelic Layer, all the great characters sold me on this show. There is also a lot of good city exploration that makes the city feel completely like a livable place to me. While the second half’s plot is kind of weak, it all comes together toward the end of an epic turn around.  This is an underrated show that needs a lot more attention.

The Big O

This show is such a huge nostalgia trip for me. I watched this show years ago, but I didn’t remember a single thing about it besides Roger Smith is the main protagonist’s name, Steve Blum’s voice acting, and giant robots. That’s it. Well, it turns out this show is a lot more complicated then that. Something about lost memories, which is somewhat Ironic. In a short-termed sort of way, The Big O is a series that encompasses so many things from the late 90’s, so it’s late 90’s the anime for me. Yet, despite holding so many parts of anime from that era, it’s a surprise that it all works somehow. I think season one is stronger, but season two is pretty solid or its own reasons too. Give this show a watch when you can.

With this post, I would like to make an announcement. Mecha March is a go and it’s staying retro themed this time around. I have a count down timer and everything. Just look the right of my search bar at the bottom of my front page. The Big O is one of the shows that I watched for it, so that’s when you will see the full review. I guess you can call The Big O as the head liner show for this event.

What older shows have you watched this year that you enjoyed? Please let me about them/it and why you liked it in the comments below.


  1. Looking forward to Mecha March Scott-san!

    Hmm, as for older shows, I guess Attack on Titan, Baby Steps. Strangely enough only two popped into my head…. I’ve read/ watched so many though….

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  2. Thanks for keeping up with older shows. Props for Angelic Layer, Heat Guy J, Big O, and Escaflowne. The last one was interesting because I first saw it on Fox Kids back in the day when they used to have an anime block on Friday afternoons. The fact that it got airtime with Digimon is shocking even to this day although it was edited. Hahaha!

    Well, most of the anime I’ve reviewed when I started Iridium Eye earlier this year has been on the older side. I guess from a scoring perspective on my blog, I’d say Haibane Renmei, Texhnolyze, and Perfect Blue since I have those 10s (Haibane Renmei is also the first time I’ve given a 10/10). It’s a tough question since a ton of the anime I like and then some would be considered older. It does make me happy that reviewers like you actually talk about the older series and movies in Japanese animation.

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    1. Oh, good shows and movie choices.

      I try to do what I can with watching older series. I am hoping to draw people in with the seasonal stuff and then get them interested in older shows. But mostly, I just do both old and new shows because it’s what I like to watch. That other part comes later.

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      1. Yup. Thanks!

        That’s really cool how you can mix up the old and new. There’s an advantage to watching older media of all kinds because you can use the vantage point of hindsight to see how well or how poorly the elements have aged. I got to give you and some other anime reviewers kudos for keeping up with the latest seasons while still exposing older anime. Granted, anime isn’t the only thing I cover since I consider myself a film and documentary reviewer in addition to reviewing anime at my review blog. I do hope some people can appreciate the indie live action stuff, art house films and/or even non-mainstream Western Animation, too.

        Good on you for your blog and keep up the good work.

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  3. Thanks to Funimation’s Kickstarter campaign, I also got around to watching the classic Escaflowne. And you know, I enjoyed it a good deal, too! It’s cool how releases can shake up people’s watch list and put many on the same wavelength. Someday, I also hope to watch Your Lie in April and Wolf’s Rain, as I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about the two. Cheers to revisiting the past in the present!

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  4. Wolf’s Rain is fantastic and this reminded me again I really should get around to another rewatch of it.
    This year, I finally watched Haikyuu and the first season of Kuroko’s Basketball. Also currently trying to watch Hunter X Hunter. Just filling in the gaps in my anime.

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  5. I have a list of about 10 anime I watched in the past year that didn’t come from the year itself – some of them will be revealed in the 12 Days of Anime and the rest will be revealed in the last week of the year (I have 2 posts dedicated to all the anime I watched in 2017), so I’ll hold off mentioning what the shows are.

    Of course you know I’m going to give big kudos for Angelic Layer though, and you reminded me I still have to get to Wolf’s Rain. I’m currently trying to cull my on-hold list, so it might take a while before I get there…

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    1. I look forward to reading both of those posts then.

      That kudos for Angelic Layer should go to Kino Anime Corner, because I wouldn’t have given it anytime of day if I haven’t seen her talk about it. Also, it was on sale.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that got into a Wolf’s Rain.

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  6. BOooo Yeh Mecha march I might do that myself honestly and I need to up my game on older anime like badly after reading this post. I haven’t seen wolf’s rain yet but sounds more than intriguing XD

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    1. Having another person doing this would be pretty fun.

      And don’t worry about it. I watch this older series pretty slowly. Wolf’s Rain is amazing, so I think you would probably enjoy it a lot when you get around to it.


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