My Least Favorite Anime from 2017

I going to be completely honest here, I have not gone out of my way to watch what most people consider to be the worst shows of this year. Still, these are shows that pissed me off for one reason or another. Clearly, this post is clearly biased toward me and my opinions. These are shows that I should have dropped or found the strength to finally drop throughout the year. I am going to make one rule though, Kino’s Journey (2017) is automatically disqualified from this list. Adding that show to this list wouldn’t be fair anyway. It’s an automatic winner when it comes to my mind. All of these are just the runner up. With that being said, let’s try to have some fun with this one.

In no particular order:

Knights’ and Magic:

I wasn’t always angry with this one. In the beginning the only problem I had with it was that fact that it has massive time skips each episode. That was fine, because there weren’t any serious stakes in this series. Only slice of life and robot building elements that I considered to be extremely cool. When there was a full war going on, the time skips never stopped. So many interesting details were skipped over which means it felt like the war had zero stakes. All we are left with was a genius twelve-year-old laughing all the time in an annoying manner against people who can’t even match his intellect. There was nothing redeemable about it at all. What a piece of garbage that was.

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

This one is a two coured piece of crap that should have NEVER been made. The first cour showed that there was no layers or substance behind what is happening at all. Rage of Bahamut: Virging Soul is as clueless in it’s execution as it’s bubbly and know nothing female protagonist. Somehow, it was still endearing though and there were some major moments and advancements that could have helped the thing become interesting. Then the second half happened. Anything that was set up in the first half as important or big were dropped like a bunch of bricks. The villain turned out to be more then a plot device then a person and he was completely forgiven despite all the bad deeds he committed. Also, the last few episodes were “dark” for the sake of being dark. There was no substance behind it, just characters dying just to be killed off. So stupid and annoying. This was another garbage fire show that shouldn’t have existed.

Welcome to the Ballroom

I am so glad that I eventually dropped this show. What started out as an interesting shonen series centered around ballroom dancing became something else starting with its second episode. I know that I covered how sexist Ballroom was in one of my posts, but there were other things going on as well that pushed me over the edge. This is one cynical series with some much hatred and anger behind it. It didn’t seem like anybody really enjoyed ballroom dancing at all, which made the whole experience frustrating and not worthy of paying attention to. I dropped it early in the second cour and it seemed like I didn’t miss out on anything. The sexism was still there, the hatred was still there, and the not understanding of why people want to get into ballroom dancing was there as well. The fact that almost none of the dancing scenes were animated or that the music during the ballroom scenes didn’t match anything that was going on didn’t help. Just skip this show, please. I’m begging you.


I believe I covered everything that I didn’t like about this show in this particular post.

The Reflection

This is yet another series that had potential, but utterly failed at the end of it all. This could have been an interesting super hero series with some interesting characters and powers, but in the end it was dragged down by a nonsensical plot that didn’t know where it was going. The villain’s plans didn’t make any sense at all and didn’t add anything to what was going on at all, if there was anything going on in the first place. There was no point to any of it in the end. This moving comic book of a story that was a Collab with Stan Lee is not worth anyone’s time.

Well, that felt relaxing. Most of my anger from this year, anime wise, was vented from this post. Once again, this post is completely biased toward me, so all of these probably aren’t the worst things that aired this year. Either way, I don’t care. My blog, my rules. I do what I want as long as I write it. What a great way to end 2017 and welcome in 2018, huh?


  1. I haven’t watched ANY of these shows, but I’ll be skipping all 🙂
    Great way to start a year: leave all frustrations behind!

    Happy New Year Scott-san!

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  2. Like you, I despised Welcome to the Ballroom at the outset, and really up to its midway point. Unlike you, however, I stuck it out, and while it never became a great show, it did get considerably better in its second half, once they introduced the protagonist’s new partner. While it never completely casts off its silly fan service and pall of sexism, Chinatsu, the new partner, is used to dancing with other girls, and therefore more comfortable with leading than following. Combined with the fact that she’s strong-willed and rather stubborn, she makes a great counterpoint, and actually raises interesting issues (Why DO men always lead?). While the show never completely addresses the issues it raises, it becomes substantially more engaging, such that I certainly don’t regret having finished it.

    Oh, and I just want to say I completely agree about Inuyashiki. In fact, I would say it’s probably one of the two or three worst anime I’ve ever watched. Not just stupid and poorly written, but deeply misanthropic and offensive.

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  3. Have to agree with Knight’s & Magic though that’s the only one on this list that I actually watched through. The only other one I had access to was The Reflection and I dropped that at one episode.

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      1. I couldn’t stand looking at it and nothing of interest seemed to happen in episode one so I let it go and decided to spare myself the pain. The one smart choice I made all year. Should have applied that same logic to Dies Irae.

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  4. Welcome to the Ballroom seems to have some serious face game…but I never had (legal) access to it, so I never picked it up in the first place.

    What I did pick up, however, was The Reflection…and it seems like you had similar feelings about it – it was mostly a drawn-out roadtrip with little, if any, stakes. Plus the characters hyped up in promo material only helped in their superhero forms at the end, which really disappointed me (the one magical girl fan). Considering The Reflection was only “Wave One” and I read on Anime News Network Hiroshi Nagahama and Stan Lee are still hoping to make a sequel, it’s safe to say I’ll be skipping Wave Two.

    Have you seen Heroman (by Stan Lee/Studio Bones)? I’ve tried it 2 – 3 times but I can’t really get past episode 1.

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    1. I’ve made it to reduce episode 5 of Heroman, but I just couldn’t go any farther then that. It just wasn’t worth the time investment at all.


  5. Ohh, I can see why you disliked Welcome to the Ballroom a bit better now, I hope you don’t think less of me for disagreeing with you.

    I never thought it was perfect, it definitely had it’s flaws, I may or may not write a post since my stance on it is the opposite of how most people feel towards it.. But like tatara, I’m a coward about things.

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