Different Opinions Shouldn’t Scare You

This post was influenced with my experience leading up to watching the new Star Wars movie. Finally watching it on Christmas, I was somehow able to avoid spoilers for a couple weeks. Despite all that, I’ve heard a lot of mixed opinions on the movie leading up to my watching of it. Wow, *rolls eyes sarcastically*, who knew something like Star Wars would have such a controversial opinion behind it in this day and age. I am going to admit here that I loved it to death, but that’s not the point of this particular post. After watching it, I finally watched a lot of the media that I was avoiding for weeks on end and most of them had some negative opinions about The Last Jedi. That was fine with me, but you can imagine what the comment sections were like, right? Hell fire. People shouting at each other, not with each other, about how their opinions were right. Pathetic.

Anyway, here are some reasons why different opinions are good:

Avoiding the Echo Chamber

I couldn’t recommend going through other people’s work and opinions enough. Not just to read and watch people who have a similar opinion to you, but to see people who have opposite opinions. Especially from those people who are exceptional at explaining why they feel the way they do. There is value of knowing multiple ranges of opinions. Having a lot of yes men (or women) following you around who always agree with what you say is blinding. It is just as important in a blogging and writing opinions situation. Knowing how the general public feels about something can be extremely helpful.

Strengthening Your Own Opinion:

This is what reading other people’s opinions does for me. Maybe this makes sense or maybe it doesn’t, but oh well. It all depends on the type of person you are watching or reading a review from. If that person is the exact opposite type of person then you, then maybe a negative opinion from them is a positive from your point of view. Or maybe, that person is someone that doesn’t see as much in a series or movie as you do. All opinions are completely valid.

There is a chance that your opinion might change from reading some one else’s strongly written review of a series or about characters in general. There is no shame in that either. Finding out how you feel about something is how you find this strength.

Finding more friends/blogs

Through discussing different opinions with strange people and their blog posts, you start getting to know them. Maybe not the whole persona of who are by name and were they live, but what their tastes and how they think starts to appear. A notion of respect appears, maybe. I mean, friends don’t have to be people that agree with each other the whole time. That would make the experience boring. As my mom says, variety is the spice of life.

Improving your posts

This is when constructive comments appear on your blog. Comments that tell you what you are doing wrong from their point of view and how you can improve. I know that I haven’t seen many of them around my blog or a lot of other blog comment sections that I’ve read through, but those comments have a lot of power behind them. I know that I’ve written a post about how one has affected me before. When these rare comments do appear, I can’t say that you should listen to them 100% of the time, but please give them some consideration. Maybe the advice a random commentator gives you can help you in some way.

I had a lot of helpful comments and constructive criticism a week ago. Do you all remember that post about deconstructions I made recently? The one from last Friday? I took it down. Thanks to some helpful comments and criticism from Weekend otaku and ThePantlessAnimeBlogger, I finally realized how that post didn’t focus on the topic I had for its title. The post itself actually was aimed toward something else. The dissonance between the two concepts would be bad. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that there was no reason for that post to exist on my blog. All it would do is cause more confusion and conflict. I’m sorry I hit the ok button in the first place.

I am thinking about writing another focused post on it in the future, but maybe in a collab form instead. I don’t know, I’ll have to think about this for a little bit.

In the end, all of this comes down to the quality of the opposite opinions and comments that are sent your way. If what you read is about how everybody else is wrong but them, then you can easily keep your cool and avoid those. Easy enough, right? I still love the latest Star Wars movie, but I do not feel like I have to argue with people that don’t like it. I know that The Last Jedi has a lot of flaws, but I love it in spite of it all. I think all the themes and the character work behind it all more then made up for its flaws in my eyes. Just like the characters in that movie, I can improve by learning through my failures too.


  1. i dont think i could handle people who constantly agreed with me. im sure it often seems like i only comment to disagree with ppl, but i do it because i think it adds to the conversation. i would never be offended if someone disagreed with me as long as they had reasons behind it. my mentality is always “be attached to your opinion because you came to that opinion for a reason, but always be open to changing that opinion if a better reason comes up”

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  2. I’m a big fan of having your own opinion and reasons for it but listening to other views. I know what I like isn’t going to be for everyone and likewise what others like won’t necessarily work for me. But if everyone agreed all the time the conversation would be really dull. I think, like with most communication, just remembering to respect the other person even if you don’t agree with them is probably important.

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    1. Maybe, but I wasn’t happy with it over all.

      There is a reason why you don’t get much criticism. You put a lot of effort into each post. How can someone not like that fact?

      I’m not sure when the rewrite will appear, but that makes me happy!


  3. Great post Scott!! the one sentence that struck the most is “All opinion are completely valid”, this one sentence is stronger than the whole post. If everyone could understand that it would be awesome, life would be easier.

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  4. I tend to disagree with people almost constantly so I’m definitely used to being against the grain. Typically I just hear out the other side and don’t say much, just keeping my opinion to myself. That being said, if I like something and people really don’t like it then I really love getting involved in the conversation. An example of this is RWBY, I love the show but a lot of people really can’t stand it. I have fun listening to people rag on it, but still continue to watch every week. It’s funny and I just don’t take it personally

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