Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Episode 12 – The Original Space Nazis?

There is so much to cover in this episode too, because so many things occurred. For one thing, I’m glad but a little surprised that so many arguments and discussions from the last episode, which had some arguments and discussions for the episode before that, took place in this episode. I really like this, because problems and drama in real life aren’t solved in a sort span of time and big war issues carry a lot of weight to them. It truly feels like the weight of war time decisions was given its due. Then there is the fact that we finally got a bigger glimpse of what life is like on the Gamilas Homeworld. There have been quite a few cases of the Gamilans fleshed out in some way through out the series, but this one just solidifies it. Such a great episode that had a larger Gamilas focus to it, which I’m fine with. There is nothing wrong with solidifying your show’s villains. Better villains make a better story.

Usual Spoiler Warning Here. You Have Been Warned.

Yamato Crew/Humans:

For this episode, the human side of the show is easier to describe. This episode continues Shima’s angry spouts about how his father was perfect. He and Kodai had arguments about how they feel about their Gamilas enemy before, but this time it interrupted an officer meeting. The result is Captain Okita giving both of them clean up duty all around the Yamato. This is great, because it gives Kodai and Shima the chance to not only going around the ship cleaning but talk with people to give them some reflection. Shima talked to Akira, who used to feel the same way as him until she was saved, and the engine officer Tokugawa who has a family like him. I think he not only cooled down but found a more neutral point of view toward the conflict. I guess all well be revealed in future episodes.

Episode 12 Shima and Kodai.png

On Kodai’s cleaning duty, he was able to explain his full point of view with Yuki (I wish the camera wouldn’t stray on her butt as much as it does, but what can you do? She does have a nice butt though.) and was given some words of advice about balancing following orders and being human by Captain Okita. The cleaning duty not only gave them some time for some reflection but was able to flesh out some other characters too. The episode ends with Kodai and Shima fist bumping and a surprise hit from a space submarine (so cool).  There was also some mystery ghost stuff around a navigation room, which will lead somewhere else in the future I’m sure.

Episode 12 Fist Bump.png

Gamilas Side:

Once again, our episode starts with a somewhat dramatic entrance to Leader Dessler’s phone call. Two of his most important officers go straight through his front guard to see him on a mysterious hot line. We don’t know who he is on the phone with, but I feel like I have an idea. Especially considering that he points to the Yamato’s destination RIGHT OUT HIS WINDOW. That’s right, the Yamato’s destination is Gamilas’ twin planet. Yeah, they are probably making that way too obvious to me and the audience who are watching this show. I feel disappointed that he wasn’t taking the phone call in the bathtub for some reason. That would make him seem more leaderly and important, but whatever. What can you do? I can only work with what I’m given with here.

Episode 12 Hot Line.png

Moving on from Dessler, we cut to General Domel’s parade. He finally returned home from war, who knows how long he was gone, and is given a hero’s welcome. There were a lot of background cg characters moving in the audience, which works for me because they weren’t the focus and each character audience member seemed to have their individual movements, and the parade was very Nazi like. They must have used a lot of nazi parades as a reference for this. The biggest thing that separates Domel from the rest of the Gamilas forces is a small scene where a little girl enters the parade route with flowers. Guards were after this girl and ready to shoot, but Domel halts the parade and accepts the flowers in such a kind way. I can see why the crowd loves him. General Domel really does seem like a nice guy. Intelligent, but nice. Somebody who I would want to share a drink with.

Episode 12 Domel ParadeEpisode 12 Domel Parade 2

Later on, after Domel received his medal and was given the role of fighting the Yamato by Dessler, we see more of how the Belarus, the capital of Gamilas, changed since he left. He must have been gone for a really long time. First, Domel car with two admiral passengers, one of them being Admiral Ditz, was stopped at a check point. This usually wouldn’t be important, but we see civilians formerly a part of a resistance movement forced into transport ships like cattle (does this remind of you of anything?) getting ready to be sent to a prison planet. Domel hasn’t seen any of this before he left, so there must have been a regime change or law enforcement rulings that made that some civilians weren’t happy with while he was gone. Who knows, all I know is that he and I are both unhappy with the going ons of Gamilas’ government.

Episode 12 Prison Ship.png

Finally, our episode’s journey around Domel ends when his car and crew made a detour. Domel meets his former? wife at a grave yard. In front of a certain grave in particular with lines like “ah, I see you did remember today”. I think the two of them lost a child. Oh man, I can’t get more emphatic with General Domel then this. Why does he have to fight the Yamato? Why can’t they just become friends with each other. This episode did so much to flesh out Domel on a character and emotional level. The drama is real. Oh, I guess Domel is going to use one of the emperor’s special weapons, which is what we see at the end of the episode when the Yamato was hit by a torpedo. Space Submarine!

Episode 12 Domel and Wife Prison Yard

Conclusive Thoughts

Unlike the two previous foes that the Yamato has faced, Domel feels like a fully realized character. Goer is the generic cowardly villain who is looking for more recognition and that’s about it. Schultz is a redeemable character who was sympathetic, but Yamato 2199 never spent enough time with him to make him feel like a fully realized character. This coming conflict between Admiral Domel and the crew of the Yamato is the first time that I don’t think I can chose who I want to win. I know that the Yamato is supposed to win, but I am also not sure that I want them to completely. This story writing at it’s peak. Two great sets of characters battling each other is where its at. See you all for the more conflicted fun next week. Have fun everyone.

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