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Hello everyone,

I’ve been having some trouble about how I wanted to approach a donation thing when it comes to blogging. Money is one of a few touchy topics that I don’t like talking about, but this is something I wanted to do anyway. I just wanted to open up a donation open if people interested. Here is my explanation for why.

It’s not like I am short of money at the moment because I am still living at home and working full time (even six days a week sometimes, which has been killing me), but there is a reason for all saving money. I will be going back to college in August and I need to save up as much money as I can. I will also be working less hours at college for less money an hour. So I would be paying for college admission stuff and leaving expenses. I will be living in another state half way across the United States after all. The blog is a bit of a money hole sometimes, so this is why I am opening the donation option. Still, I don’t want to force people into doing this either. This should all be up to the individual and what they want to do.

So my thought process is this. I will just post a link/button to my Ko-Fi page on one or two posts a week. Probably the bigger posts that I put more time into. This week well be an exception, because I have this post advertising it all. There is also a Ko-Fi button on my blog, but that’s beneath all of my content I post on it, so kind of out of sight. Mostly on purpose! (Thank you for the help, Shoujo!!!)

So here is the link/button to all that Ko-Fi fun stuff. Donate if you want. The choice is up to you.

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  1. My first income from my blog(if at all) will be spent on a really great coffee for you. But, unfortunately right now, one, i’m a student myself and two, there are no international payment methods in my country(as far as i know). Happy blogging xD

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  2. I’ll follow your Ko-fi! I just made an account myself! I’m super confused about it too and I also recognize money is a sensitive subject

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