Space Battleship Yamato 2199 : Episode 16 – Are you sure this isn’t Battlestar?

Yet another just ok episode this week. This is what happens when a show like 2199 has so many high points. All the slightly above average stuff seem like low points. Especially since I loved last episode to death. I do get that the animation team behind this show probably needed a break, because there was a lot of cg usage in this episode. But still, I wish 2199 had some more even ground. I did like this episode quite a bit and it did go by quickly. I’m just a little sad that only some of the repercussions of last episode made it into this one. The conspiracy stuff happened, but the Yamato’s damage was barely commented on. Oh well, let’s talk about this episode in more detail.

Spoilers! Get your spoilers from this point on!

This episode had two sides to it, like most episodes, but it was all Yamato character based. Let’s start with the planet crew first. In this set up, we have Kodai, Misaki, and two other random people that land on the planet from the Seagull. Misaki’s split personality tendencies come up a lot and are commented on quite a bit. Especially when Misaki’s normal personality comments on there are periods of time she doesn’t remember, but she is ok. Anyway, the Seagul lands on Beemela-4, Analyzer gets a cool robot suit that looks like a construction mech that Ripley drove in Aliens, and Analyzer, some random guy, Kodai, and Misaki explore after landing. Two random crew members were left behind to watch the ship. Our main expedition crew gets chased by a giant bug and Analyzer had to fight it off Aliens style. I still have a feeling that the bug wanted to lead them somewhere, which happened. Misaki’s Iskander personality appears and tells the other three about the Iscandar ship that crashed hundreds of years ago. They find something that looks like a wave motion core, notice a lack of communication with the Yamato, and immediately head for the Yamato.

Episode 16 Seagull Launch
Seagull Launch
Episode 16 the Complete Landing Crew
The Landing Crew: Misaki, Kodai, Analyzer, and those other guys
Episode 16 Bug Contact
Always giant bugs in space, huh?
Episode 16 Iscandar Ship
Ruins of an Iscandarian ship

What happened on the Yamato is far less interesting, but more important thematically in the long run. It all starts when Niima, the female scientist, comments on how human kind can live on Beemala-4, so thinks they should abandon the mission and get Earthlings to live on this planet instead. The XO Sanada and Niima argue about this in a separate location, but Sanada ends up getting thrown into a cell, probably, and we have a mutiny on our hands. Security, lead by security guy Ito, take over the ship for a while. There are armed guards on every part of the ship, so they are taking advantage of the sick captain situation. Shima is given the role of being the mutiny leader. Also, Yuki is questioning whether or not she is an alien now, because Ito reveals an object that Yuki was keeping and plays a transmission from it. This situation gets revolved when one of the people in the security detail, Hashina who was watching for followers of the finding a new Earth plan, betrays the rest of the security group by getting to the captain and Shima, Ito, and Niima have a short confrontation which involves Ito threatening Niima and Shima shooting the gun out of Ito’s hand. I should also mention the fact that Akira, the Yamato’s Starbuck, was a complete bad ass and helped save the ship by getting some of the crew out of danger.

Episode 16 Start of a Conspiracy
Conflict Starts
Episode 16 Mutiny Starts
Space Mutiny!
Episode 16 Shima takes charge
Ito, the trouble maker in front, but Shima takes command
Episode 16 Hoshina saves the day
Hoshina saves the day!

Eh, as exciting as it could be. The two plot lines converge and reveal that the object Kodai picked up is access to a warp gate that will save the Yamato crew a lot of time and get them all back on schedule. Yay, the Yamato can save humanity.

Episode 16 Akira being awesome
A bonus: Akira being awesome!
Episode 16 An Object
The Object in Question!

So in the end, this was just an episode to move the plot along somehow. It was a far more interesting way to do so, because a lot of interesting details that happened which affected the Yamato’s mission quite a bit. Especially the mutiny. I know that we all expected that, but it’s interesting to see the Yamato’s mission is not something that has all of humanity behind. I’m also sure that this mutiny is going to have large complications amongst the Yamato crew as a whole from this point forward. Also, this episode did feel like something out of the rebooted Battestar Galactica. The planet landing and political stuff kind of felt like some that BSG would do. I’ve Got to give it points for that. See you guys next Friday for another episode.

This post is a part of the Yamato 2199 blog tour between me and DerekL. If you want to get involved: please click this link here, read what it says, watch the show with us, and post before noon on Fridays. Simple enough right?


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