Over the top talk: Thunderbolt Fantasy and Dragon Ball Super

Ok guys, I want to level with you. I had two shows that I wanted to talk about, but didn’t know if I had enough thoughts to write a post about each of them. So because of that, I’m using one post to talk about two shows: Thunderbolt Fantasy and Dragon Ball Super. Thunderbolt Fantasy had a movie appear on Crunchyroll recently with a season two that was announced recently. I am so excited for both of these things. Gen Urobuchi’s Taiwanese puppet show is something that continues to impress me on levels that I don’t fully understand yet. On the end, we have Dragon Ball Super’s latest toonami episodes. I’ve talked about this show before many times, but I have to say something about it’s latest arc. It’s only begun, but it’s incredibly captivating for me. Let’s talk about these more in better detail, shall we? Like usual, just beware some spoilers.

Thunderbolt Fantasy Movie:

Thunderbolt Fantasy.jpg

~Part 1

The first part is about why the screaming Phoenix Killer hates the Enigmatic Gail (you now, the vape thief?). At first, this movie was acting like a redemption arc for our infamous Screaming Phoenix Killer. By coming a body guard for the Enigmatic Gail, he stops killing people randomly. That’s a big change of heart for him. Of course, things go down hill from there. The Enigmatic Gale brings SPK to a sword competition to become the best sword warrior ever. The tournament starts and the fights start out normally, but a bow master shows up in the middle of it all to kill most of the opponents. The Enigmatic Gale goes out to supposedly check out everything, but it’s actual plotting for the Phoenix Killer’s demise. We all knows this because we know what the Enigmatic Gale is capable of by now, but SPK doesn’t yet. The competition then turns to something where the Screaming Phoenix Killer have to be put to a stop. Of course, that doesn’t happen and the Enigmatic Gale’s plots are fully revealed. Everything has turned on SPK, so we now know why the Screaming Phoenix Killer wants to kill EG. The Screaming Phoenix redemption arc never fully happened.

It’s as Urobuchi as something can get yet also as Thunderbolt Fantasy can be at the same time too. Thunderbolt Fantasy in the way that the plot is completely predictable but written incredibly well and completely over the top so you don’t care about this fact. Urobuchi like because its full of despair, horrible deaths, and angst. The usual Urobuchi benchmarks. OH man, I loved it all to death though. I think the combinations of those two things just jelled with me on an incredibly high degree. No complaints here! Maybe I am too captivated by this show’s existence that I have a blind spot for it all? I have no idea honestly, but it’s just so much fun.

~Part 2

The second part here was Thunderbolt Fantasy at it’s most amusing and relaxing level. You know, like the second part without all the Urobuchi things. At it’s core, it’s just retelling of the events of the first season with a false protagonist telling the real protagonist of our story what happened in a bar. Of course, he wasn’t completely accurate, but that’s why our protagonist is there to tell this guy went wrong. The ending of this part was perfect too, because it’s Thunderbolt Fantasy at the max. Fighting against bad guys who know they have no chance, so they put explosive poison in their blood that goes off when they die. Thunderbolt Fantasy at its finest.

Finally, the after-credit scenes appears and the cliff hangers for this coming season are set in place. We finally see the reason why our protagonist left his homeland and that there are people after him. Some even crossing the desert of souls as we speak. I can’t wait for season two later this year. All good stuff coming our way!

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super.jpg

I don’t know what it is about the beginning of the Goku Black arc, but it’s just really good. That was how I felt about this arc from the first episode onward. There is a particular focus on Future Trunk’s world compared to the dragon ball world we know now. You know, Future Trunk’s world is very apocalyptic while the world as we know it was peaceful. We didn’t get as much characterization from Future Trunks in the android and cell sagas as we could have, besides him being awesome and bad ass. Here, seeing him interact with a different world and a different Gohan, like in episode 52, that he remembered was just great. There are some excellent fight scenes, and intriguing villain, and some other things of intrigue and mystery going on too, but the characterization of an already great character is something that I am glad to see.

I definitely want to see Future Trunks take the reins of this arc from Goku, because I feel like Goku is just there for basic protagonist things. There are so many things you can do with Future Trunks. I mean, just having him around his normal family is intriguing. The normal time period Trunks and Future Trunks interactions are interesting, and we are beginning to see some good interactions between Vegeta and Future Trunks too. I want to see more of this in the future. Especially since the Vegeta he knew during the Cell and Android stuff is so different then the Vegeta see now. All in all, I can’t wait for more. I used to wait a few weeks and just go through all of the episodes when I have free time. Right now, I just watch each episode when they air. If that doesn’t tell you enough about how I feel about Dragon Ball Super at the moment, then I don’t know what else I can say about it. All of this can change in the future, but this is how I feel about it right now.

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