Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Episode 17: Large but Small

It’s so strange to get a personal episode in the middle of all this space insanity. I realize that the planet and mutiny stuff where big plot elements last episode which followed another big episode centered around an awesome space fight, so maybe it is time to cool down and get a little more personal. Yeah, I am ok with all of this. Especially since the previews have yet another big space fight with all of that stuff coming next week. Not much went on here, but I have to say that a lot of set pieces were so unique and alien which backed up a lot of the interesting background elements. I really liked all the things that happened in this episode because they felt so genuine, so how can I complain? It’s just a good flash back style episode with some important in the fore front.

SPOILERS!!! THAT IS ALLLLLLLL!!!! allllllll!!!!!

Let’s talk about our prisoned characters. On the Gamilas side, Domel was put on trial. As was mentioned two episodes ago, the leader of the Gamilas empire was assassinated. According to the trail, Domel and Admiral Ditz (his daughter appeared for a second) were the only people that knew Dessler was going to the forward base, so Domel was immediately sentenced to death. Of course, no evidence was provided here at all for that. Just Gamilas higher up power being abused to death. Literally. I feel incredibly sorry for Domel here. At least we got some more light-hearted material on Niimi after she was gently thrown in the brig of the Yamato. She questioned why she didn’t follow Sanada’s lead as she did in her school days because the resulted conflict would have ended better for here. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. It’s almost like Sanada is the heart in this episode. OH wait he is. I should also mention that her mental flash back introduced the fact that Niimi, Mamoru Kodai, and Sanada had an interesting friendship trio back in their school days.

Episode 17 Domel Trial
Domel’s Trial
Episode 17 Niimi in the brig
Niimi in the Brig

Speaking of our engineer Sanada being the heart of this episode, he also leads the trio of characters to investigate and take over the space warp gate for their own control. Those other characters being Susumu Kodai and Yuuki of course. Kind of like the trio of flash back history. I loved seeing the alien environment that they walked through. I did realize the human tech was able to hack the alien tech for some reason, but whatever. During their walk, the truth was revealed about Yuuki and it turns out that all her possible alienness talk came from coincidence. Her accident and the alien appearance just happened at the same time. I should also mention the emotional set piece. Engineer Sanada locked himself inside in an alien console room and he told Kodai how he knew Mamoru’s brother and how he liked poetry while the console room was being filled with deadly nuetrons. The flash back behind all of this was incredibly powerful. Of course, Kodai didn’t want Sanada to die; he wants to know more about his brother. With all this drama in place, it turns out that Sanada ducked into the heavy water that saved him from the Neutrons. Yay a happy ending. Only one part of this episode was sad and it was the Gamilas Side. Can’t people see space Nazis when they see them?

Episode 17 Exploring
From Left to Right: Kodai, Yuuki, and Sanada Exploring. Nice that they are all color coded.
Episode 17 Alien Environments
Some cool alien environments
Episode 17 Flash Back
Flash back time with Mamoru Kodai and Engineer Sanada

I don’t really have anything to add to the beginning paragraph other then this episode was fantastic table setting for the next episode. That’s it. See you all next week!

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