The Anime Olympics

Awww man, the Olympics are over. The one thing that has taken over my life for the past two and a half weeks is gone now. I would watch the Olympics for hours and hours each day and what I did miss from working full days, I caught highlight reels on Youtube before going to work in the morning. I was barely able to watch anime and write blog posts during that time and my live action series watching was barely existent at all (so I have some things to catch up on), but I wouldn’t have this experience be any other way. This all sounds exhausting, but I wouldn’t have changed this experience for the world. All those athletic moments, crying moments, and moments of pure joy that served as a counter point for all the terrible things that took place during that time. Just pure humanity can be good sometimes. Also as a trumpet player, I loved hearing John William’s arrangement of Bugler’s Holiday on every second of the day. It just completed the atmosphere of the special event itself with all that heroic trumpeting. Since it affected me so much, why don’t I design my own Olympics for the many realms and multiverses of anime. That sounds like a unique and fun idea, right?

Location, location, location

So let’s establish some ground rules first. Literally. The Olympics need to take somewhere. Every four years, the Anime Olympics need to take place somewhere across the many realms and dimensions in anime. I know that a lot of places are just multiverses of the same location, so that needs to be taken into consideration too. Also, I feel like action series would be the mostly place to have these events because they are the ones that have large set pieces like stadiums and wide-open locations for combat. A special Olympic committee brought together by rich people from different universes who actually have the resources to build any location they need. So there you go, the locations are set up. I think that the world of Dragon Ball would be the first location for all of this to take place.

The Olympians

Yeah, this one is obvious. All anime characters are invited. It’s not going to be all about fighting, there are going to be some events for other types of series as well. I mean, every anime series has something to offer the Olympics. Why not add some slice of life and romance element too? It’s my Olympics and I can do whatever I want. That’s just what I am going with.

The Games!!!!

Now that the locations are set and the guests have been invited, let’s talk about the games. Just like the normal Winter and Summer Olympics, it’s not going to be one set of games. It’s going to be full of different things that involve person to person fighting (duh), mech stuff, sports, cooking, music, slice of life elements, and romance elements. The budget behind these games are obviously going to be put more toward the fighting and mech portions of the games, but the rest of it all is worth it though just for the comparatively cheap but great entertainment values.

Fighting Competition Games (No Deaths Allowed):

Using different kinds of settings, like cityscapes and forests, characters move as fast as they can in order to reach the goal line. Could be relays or individual times added together to get the best score. No teleportation allowed.

How far can characters move in different environments before being found. No teleportation allowed.

-Speed Slicing:
How fast and accurate can a character slice up different objects and mannequins.

Multiple styles of accurate testing for characters with their most famous weapons. Range targets, moving targets, Ranged moving targets, and more if possible.

-Tournament Style Hand to Hand Combat Only:
Plain old combat fighting with no special abilities or flying.

-All Out Tournament Combat:
What it says on the tin.

-Beam Tug of War:
Characters firing their beam spam at each other pushing their beams at each other as much as they can.

-Arm Wrestling:

-Armed Weapon Combat:
Weapons only, no powers.

Mecha Stuff (No killing allowed, but destroying mechs is A-Okay)

-Build Contest:
How fast can different groups of characters design and build a working mech?

-Robot Accuracy Contest:
For Mecha Sniipers

-Real and Super Robot Combat in Space:
Yes, real and super robot stuff will be separated.

-Atmospheric Real and Super Robot Combat:
Air and Ground. Real and Super robot combat situations will be separated here too

-Real and Super Robot Racing:
Both on the Ground and in the Air. Maybe it would be ok to have Real and Super robot elements combined here.


I think this one is obvious and doesn’t need any specific labels on it. Tournament style play with different sports in anime. That’s about it really. That’s all you need.


-Speed Food Cutting

-Best looking food contest

-Food Tournament for Masters

-Food Tournament for Amateurs


-Musical Group Contest

-Instrument Solo Contests

-Idol Tournament

Slice of Life/Romance/Comedy

-School Club Competition:

-Best Girl Competition by popular vote

-Best Boy Competition by popular vote

-Best Will they/Won’t they Competition

-Best Kiss (FINALLY)

-Best Confession Competition

-Best Almost Confession Competition

-Best Blush Competition

-Best Over the Top Reactions

-Best Under the Top Reactions

-Best Harem Formation Competition

-Best out of context moment or animation change Competition

The Left Overs (Cyberpunk Niche Group)

-Speed Computer Hacking Competition

-Speed crime solving competition

-Fastest Robbery Competition

-Mind Screw Competition:
Nobody would want to see this one.

-Best Cyborg Enchancements Competition

-Best Robot/Cyborg understanding of humanity competition

That’s about it folks. I tried to cover as many anime concepts as I could, but I probably missed something. Please let me know about all of that in the comments below.

Also, I know that this is Mecha March is here and I haven’t written any mecha discussions yet. Yeah, this thing is off to a slow start. Please keep an eye out for next week when everything starts moving into full swing a little bit more. There should be at least one mecha discussion to go with each anime review each week from next week onward. Thank you all for being patient with me. I could have planned this out better…


  1. All these games but no ToP 10 betrAYALS?!

    I kid. I relate to this post so hard. Olympic season is one always one of the most uplifting times I’m my life, and it’s sad to bid farewell to yet another spectacular winter. It’d be cool if we had more anime about the Olympics (or even an adaptation of the madness you describe, haha)!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? It’s even more uplifting if you are able to avoid almost the news from the outside world while watching them too 😁.

      An Olympics anime would be amazing. I don’t think an adaptation of this could ever happen, but it with be great fun to watch.

      Liked by 1 person

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