iNAP Podcast Episode 3: Winter 2018 First Impressions

Hi Everyone. I think this is starting to become a monthly podcast, but that’s ok. It’s mostly because we have busy lives. All of us are up to something and sometimes it’s hard for us to get together. I hope you are all interested in what we have to say from time to time. Instead of five or six of us from the last couple of podcasts. This time, it’s Zel, Remy, and I. I think that is why this is one of our most cohesive podcasts yet!

Here, give it a listen to:

This episode was recorded a few weeks ago some of our opinions have changed. For example, I dropped Beatless and I have picked up Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens since this recording. Beatless has been falling too flat for me during the past few weeks and I think the fact that I started watching Key: The Metal Idol, which covers a lot of what Beatless is trying to do right but better, ruined it for me. Beatless just hasn’t had that much of an impact on me. Hakata has been a lot of fun though.

Anyway, I hope you all listen to this one. It’s another fun one.


  1. What Remy said about “making the most of your youth” regarding Yorimoi was something that really made me think hard about myself. After watching ep 1 and being repelled by the faces (I find them unintentionally creepy), I had to go out on my own trip without much planning to decide I’m not wasting my life and I think that was the biggest factor in leaving this show dropped. I appreciate it when media allow me to think about myself, though.

    Regarding Death March, I had a similar introduction to Zel – I was excited by the ad in the back of a KonoSuba LN, took on ep 1 and…it just comes off as vanilla isekai…”Should women and children be held to the same standard?” is an interesting question because I saw the sexism thing brought up on Anime News Network, but I don’t think I want to watch Death March further (than ep 1) to put the question into proper context.

    I think it’s because I have a set number of shows every season I don’t think this season was particularly bad, but it’s clearly not stellar either. Considering the last 3 winters I’ve had year-list-toppers SGRS and Death Parade, I know why I’m not impressed but I am of the belief shows should be held to their own standards, rather than by seasonal standards.

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    1. I see what you mean about an the faces in A Place Further then the Universe. The faces are very off putting and plasticy from time to time, but the realistic characters and week executed drama/comedy combo won we over. And that’s cool, glad you went out and discovered your youth yourself. Not every show is for everyone.

      Don’t have a comment for Death March, because I don’t want to watch it.

      I also feel that we shouldn’t compare seasons to other seasons either, but it’s kind of hard when we’ve been spoiled for a while. That being said, I do like this season a lot at that moment. Thank you for listening.

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