What if How to Keep a Mummy was a different genre?

I know this seems sort of random, but I can’t get this idea out of my head. After watching this show week to week, it’s become clear to me that How to Keep a Mummy could easily become a battle shonen mon series with only the slightest modifications to its story telling and fiction. There are too many comparisons to some other series, like Pokemon or Digimon, to say otherwise here. As it stands now, I like everything that this show is doing right now, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Still, it’s interesting to think about alternate universes and possibilities. Am I right? Maybe a fanfiction writer could take up this queue, because I am not that good at writing fiction.

Looking at the main cast of the show, we already have a hero group in place. They are our four protagonists!! Sora is already a light-hearted protagonist that helps solve the other group member’s problems and provides general happiness to the show itself. As far as I am concerned, no more modifications need to be made here. After Sora, we have Tazuki Kamiya who easily fits in the second leader or rival character that tries to ignore everything and everyone, but really does care about everyone (he’s a tsundere). Our group’s chick Asa Motegi, a cheerful girl who is incredibly strong when frightened. Then are group rounds out with Taichi, a former bully who has been converted to the side of good by Sora. Are you starting to see the point that I am trying to make?

The next stage that this kid’s show shonen battle series has it’s its monsters. Kind of like Digimon, each member of our protagonist group has a monster that is devoted to them. Sora has Mii-kun, a mummy that loves Sora to death and wants to be helpful as possible. Tazuki has an oni child, named Conny, in which they share a very tsundere relationship with each other, which is incredibly entertaining. Motegi has an incredibly smart dragon named Isao. To round it off, Taichi has a Baku buddy, named Mikumiku, that eats up his dreams and can travel faster than the speed of sound. Now imagine that each of these little monsters had special abilities that they could fight with. I mean, we already have some of them do. Mikumiku can travel faster than the speed of sound and eats dreams. Done. I don’t have enough of an imagination for Conny and Mii-kun to create abilities in my head, but Isao is smart and could easily have dragon type abilities from Pokémon. Yeah, I wish I was more creative with this one.

Lastly, the world. After Mii-kun’s exploration of the woods area around a shrine, I couldn’t help but see this show not as a missed opportunity, but an alternate universe for this show. The woods had yet another Oni-child, a small, star-butted unicorn, and a white fox, forest spirits, and who knows what else? The possibility is there for this to be an interesting combination of Digimon and Pokémon, but have each of the collectible creatures in this show based on some mythological aspect. It sounds kind of basic, but I am sure that there are many more things in this world that builds on the ideas of the established world building from episode 9. The combat would be pretty great too, I think. There are so many interesting ideas that could be applied here. I only wish I was more imaginative.

In the end, I’m glad How to Keep a Mummy never went this route. I know that if this was another shonen series that these cute moments would still be there, but they would be more in service of the story then just having them feel natural like they do. Here, we have a slice life story with cute monster pets that I look forward to more and more every week. Seeing the way that each episode can exploit these cute pets in new ways is something that I look forward to each week. I know that this isn’t the best show airing this season on an emotional level, but it doesn’t have to be. It just has to be a show that allows me to cool down every Thursday when I need it and it’s been doing that for me. No plots or serious action scenes necessary.  I let Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens or Darling in the Franxx do that instead and let How to Keep a Mummy be its own thing.


  1. While I’m (surprisingly, given how much I shy away from this kind of show) a pretty big fan of the series current approach, this alternative, hypothetical route also sounds like it could be pretty damn interesting.

    I kind of want this now… Damn!

    Interesting thought experiment! 😀

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  2. Omg. This show is in my queue to watch and this just makes me want to watch it immediately. Pokemon or Digimon-esque creatures based on mythological monsters is an awesome idea!

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  3. This could be kind of interesting as an alternative take on the story. It is always interesting considering how something might be modified, and in this case it really wouldn’t take that much of a modification to move it into that genre.
    That said, I’m also glad this didn’t go that way. While I’m getting a little cute fatigued from the show and wanting a bit more from the story, I don’t know that I would have got into it at all if this had just been another kids fighting with pet monster story.

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      1. It would be a fun spin-off story (but yeah, an episode or two would be enough as a whole series of that concept would just feel kind of over done at this point).


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