Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Episode 19 – The breath before the plunge (Again)

So here we are with episode nineteen. I have grown incredibly attached to this show. I realize that this episode is just a set up episode, but is it possible to get a better set up to a supposed final battle then this? No, I don’t think so. While I think the most interesting material comes from the Gamilas side. Now that I think about it, I think it’s because the Gamilas side has a lot more interesting world building and characters to take in interesting directions. Still, the Yamato’s side isn’t lacking either. They are as interesting as they could be, but sometimes everything feels a little stale because we are watching the same characters in the same backgrounds doing the same things sometimes. Still, that’s not the show’s fault. I do love our Yamato’s characters, but this is just the classic case of the villains being slightly more interesting than the protagonists.

Spoiler Alerts all around.

I’m going to try a slight change in format this episode. Please let me know if this doesn’t work for you. Anyway, more about the episode itself:


We see both sides gearing up for what may or may not be the final battle. All plots are centered around thing called the Rainbow Star Cluster, where all sides are planning to meet based on what each side vaguely knows about the enemy commander Why? Because it’s like a giant storm in space, in which all advanced scanning and technology doesn’t work, and it looks cool. Think of something like the Mutara Nebula in Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan. Anyway, we see the Yamato crew lead by Captain Okita gearing up for war by batting down the hatches, preparing all weapons and fighters, and whatever they can do for the expected battle.

Episode 19 Crew Planning.png
Plotting some plots

On the Gamilas Side, we see a rescued Domel preparing to the attack the Yamato. His scenes are featured around what kind of ships he has available to attack the Yamato, what kind of crew he has, and some quick characterization of newer people. Domel is left with four old carrier ships and a young and untested crew of which some of them are second class Gamilas citizens (from Schultz’s planet none the less). The second class and first-class citizens connect through the power of a song for their country/planet. Thus trust is placed between them all. You see what I mean by the villains being more interesting yet?

Episode 19 Older ships
Older Ships
Episode 19 Second Class Gamilans
2nd Class Gamilians.


Let’s talk about all the side things that are not apart of the main plot. All the small side conflicts on the Yamato crew were interesting, as usual. Akira and Shinohara share a moment of bonding centered around Akira’s dead older brother. I think that there is something going on between the too. Niima and Shima have a small moment around the brig, so maybe there is a connection between these two as well. Still, the most interesting interaction was between the Iscandar possessed Yuria Misaka and Captain Okita concerning the Wave Motion Cannon. Possessed Yuria says that it shouldn’t be a thing and Okita says it’s a defense, so it’s decided that this next episode is the test to see whether or not humanity is worth saving. Seems like a pointless addition to an already huge conflict, but ok. Sure. Pile that on top of an already high list of conflicts.

Episode 19 Akira and Shinohara
Akira and Shonhara
Episode 19 Niima Shima on the other side of the door
Here is Niima. Shima is on the other side of the door.
Episode 19 Okita and Yurisha
Okita and Yurisha

On the Gamilas side, we have a lot of disillusionment with its society itself. After Desler survived the assassination attempt on him, he really doesn’t want to return to the Capital of Balarus. We see him conflicted about everything as a whole. That honestly sounds like a completely realistic reaction to me. If a society that you have been ruling for a while tries to kill you, wouldn’t have some questions about it? Same thing for Melda Ditz here. Her arc is kind of the same, despite no assassination attempts on her side. That is instead placed by seeing the dark side of the Gamilas empire. She’s in a fighter next episode. I wonder how that is going to turn out.

Episode 19 Desler
Desler looking dramatically out a window.
Episode 19 Melda
Melda Ditz in shock


I don’t have anything to add here. There is just a lot of good stuff going on. Ok, I don’t think I experimented with this format as much as I could have. Oh well, see you all next Friday

(All of these photos are screenshot-ed from Crunchyroll)


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