The Great Lita and Scott Collab: Buddy Complex (Part 1)

Hi everyone. Before I start this off, I really had to give credit to Lita for this great idea. You see, Lita contacted me about doing a collab a few months in regards to Mecha March. Since both of us were doing this thing our own way, it’s only inevitable that we would join forces at some point. Naturally, right? Lita’s idea was for us to watch a short mech series, which turned out to be Buddy Complex, and ask each other questions about it. Simple enough of a concept, right?

This post has my answers to her questions. Here they are:

1) What was your first impression of the series?

My first impression was rather negative. We started off with this bland high school character guy having an attractive high school girl watch over him from the shadows, have a mech attack him, the girl saves his life, and then our bland protagonist goes into the future. The beginning felt like another isekai anime, which I do like on occasion, but had no specific of its own to make it special yet.

2) The series had an interesting concept regarding the mecha machines Luxon and Braydon? What did you think about it?

Oh the coupling system! I liked this a lot because it’s such a unique way to cover to use the “sync” ratios line that started with Eva (I think). Connecting to another person instead of a mech, brilliant. And it always worked as a plot device too, because as our two main protagonists who are the pilots of the Luxon and Braydon got to know each other, and their bond got stronger, they got more powerful. Just brilliant all around. Such a good concept to explore. I also loved how each of the mechs grew wings during the Coupling System’s use. That was so cool. This show has such great color and mech design.

3) Buddy Complex had a homely feel with all of it’s characters. Very likeable and easy to get invest in. Did you feel this way?

Yes, I did! For a thirteen-episode series, Buddy Complex is very good with characterization. Not only did each character feel like they had a unique personality, but they got along so well. Even our main protagonist got into the fray as well. I loved the characters in this anime. It made coming back to watch it extremely easy.

4) What’s another Studio Sunrise series you’d like to check out that would consider not talked about?

I’d love to check out a lot of their older works that I’ve heard good things about, but mostly Crest of the Stars. That series sounds like something that would be my thing.

5) What was one thing you liked about this series and didn’t like?

I feel like my like and dislike are very related. I really liked How Buddy Complex was able to compact so many things into 13 episodes because it feels strangely complete, but because it’s so short I doubt the series could do everything it wanted to do. There were many great characters that never got fully realized and WHERE IS MY SEQUEL?

My final thoughts align with question five. Buddy Complex is a good anime series that explores it’s characters, have epic fights, looks really nice, and has a lot of complex feelings and concepts going on in thirteen episodes. I was completely surprised about this because I wasn’t so show sure about this series in the beginning, but everything about it feels genuine and completely natural to me. I mean, even having a “filler episode” centered around our protagonist’s backstory did a lot of good toward world development as well, so a lot of episodes and concepts were easily doing double duty. Because of this, not everything feels as explored as I would have liked, and a lot of explanations were cut short, so I can’t say that’s it’s a great or amazing series. Still, I am glad I watched it. WHERE IS SEASON TWO?

Thank you all for reading. I hope you all enjoyed part one and are looking forward to more with part 2 on LitaKino’s Blog, the Lita Kino Anime Corner. I think you may notice how Lita’s answers are longer and more detailed, while mine go straight to the point and are kind of short. Eh, I think that has something to do with our writing styles. That’s what makes collabs good. It helps us to understand each other more. Anyway, see you tomorrow.


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